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Looking For A Tuner/workshop In Your State?

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There are threads that we see started round here repeatedly if they are already here any new threads asking the same question that has been asked a million times before will be merged with existing threads as soon as they are noticed.

There are Tuner/Workshop recommendation threads in each state section of the site, these threads in the past were deleted as they usually turned into bun fights that nobody could ever win.

The threads that we are leaving open in the state sections now are monitored vigorously and any slander bun fights or general carry on will be removed without notice.

Existing state threads:

Recommended Tuner New South Wales

Recommended Tuner / Workshop Queensland

Recommended Tuner / Workshop South Australia

Recommended Tuner / Workshop Victoria

Recommended Tuner / Workshop Northern Territory

Recommended Tuner / Workshop ACT

Recommended Workshop W.A.

New Zealand
Recommended Tuner / Workshop In New Zealand

These threads are NOT for advertising your business, they are there solely for members of the forum to recommend a workshop they have used in the past, anything resembling advertising will be deleted without notice. Exception being from advertisers of the site.

This post will be updated from time to time by a moderator.

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