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Why Has My Warning Status Bar Increased

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You can click on the Warn Status label to see the reason, date and who applied the increase/decrease... It was done 5 days ago.

If you read the rules you'll see what is and isn't acceptable on the forum. You'll also see "...will be removed without warning and/or notification" repeated throughout the rules. It's self explanatory IMO.

A 5th warning will see you suspended or banned. Very few people get banned despite what some people continually post. A suspension or ban can also be handed out before your Warn Status reaches 100% due to previous history and the severity of the offence.

We are extremely lenient on this forum and we give people a lot of rope. Some people eventually hang themselves. The only people that complain about our actions are the people who get in trouble... Go figure.

If you have any further questions regarding your warning please review the Warn Status information and contact the Moderator that gave it to you.

I'll pin this topic for future reference to anyone else who wonders about warnings.


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