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  1. Lol! At Gaz thinking he's the first one up.
  2. Everly: 2/10... And it's only a 2 because Salma Hayek looks absolutely stunning at 48! The Little Death: 7/10... Very different Australian comedy, which I usually don't like, but this one is quite good. Taken 3: 6/10... Not the same as the first two times someone was taken.
  3. Gravity is one movie that must be watched in 3D. The Imitation Game: 9/10.
  4. American Sniper 7/10 Don't research the movie or real life events before watching if you don't know anything about it to begin with.
  5. It's a shame they ditch the 6 channel sound for their releases.
  6. Go and handle those phones before picking one if you haven't already. Some of them are getting stupidly big! Phone choice is a personal preference. No one can tell you which phone you should get. Although many will try because their choice of phone MUST be the right one.
  7. I didn't mind Bad Neighbours or The Interview for what they are. Which is a stupid comedy. Next on my stupid comedy list is Bad Johnson. Just saw the preview for the next Fast & Furious (or whatever they're calling it these days). It looks as equally silly as the last few, but I'll watch it anyway.
  8. 13 years of Falcons came to an end for me earlier this year when I bought a PX XLT Ranger. I love it! I do miss the XR6T, but my interests have shifted over the last few years and the Ranger is better suited to me now. Fuel economy is incredible for such a large car. My at the pump usage over the last 13,223km is 9.51L/100km. Filled up the other day and saw this on the DTE...
  9. The Judge: 8/10 Good story, good actors and acting.
  10. Watching Gotham now. I've got high hopes for this show. I hope it delivers.
  11. I'm not sure what that means...
  12. I love the posts where someone takes a single aspect of a car and hunts the internet to find a close comparison. What's the point? I quite like the design. It shouldn't be much of a surprise. It ties in closely with the global design trend and the teaser picks from way back when were enough to give the basic shape away. I hope it does well, but I think it won't. The stigma of the pullout will stay with them until the death knock sounds. I tip my hat to Ford for putting in the effort, and money into the final Falcon probably knowing full well that it was going to come at a loss.
  13. I'm really liking Tyrant at the moment. Just finished the 5th episode and wished it went longer. It took a couple of eps for me to warm up to it, but I find it really interesting. It's not a series, but I love The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It's always entertaining.
  14. Ground loop isolator should fix your problem.
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