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  1. Happy Birthday XR6t.mercury!

  2. Happy Birthday XR6t.mercury!

  3. Happy Birthday XR6t.mercury!

  4. Happy Birthday XR6t.mercury!

  5. Happy Birthday XR6t.mercury!

  6. Thanks mate - I noticed alot of your posts, you've just saved what little hair I have left. A ford part? I'll have to get looking. That would be excellent if you could post that stuff out. I paid 75 bucks brand new on EBAY plus 25 buck postage. that's why I jumped on it with out reading the difficulty on sourcing the cable. Well I was hoping that the problems from the first unit will nt carry over to this one. I was eventually going to run maybe a carputer in the future with Centrafuse programing. But for the minute just trying to get the essientials running ad I like the idea of plug and play. Once again that stuff would be great and thanks;
  7. The reason for the stupid question is I am not sure whether you would have to combine the V sync and H sync if you have a converter as there is no need to trick a graphics card. Is this true?? If it is true is their any other connections which are different. I have emailed the appropriate people but their posts date back years. How bout can someone direct or pm a wiring diagram of how they connected their Blaupunkt IVSC 550X to the ICC? I confused at looking at STB, carputers. I am not a electrician and need it basic as possible. It would be much appreciated. I'm sure this post will help others too and am happy to pass it on when I sus it out.
  8. Sorry guys I have to ask: I've spent hours on this -- I cannot source a interface cable for the IVSC 5502 to the ICC nav port. Am I stupid - is this cable the same cable used to hook up the laptop - done by ford forums? If yes please just reply = yes stupid. Or even better if someone has sourced a cable and could let me know - great. Not keen on spending the bucks but also not keen on creating one either.
  9. [quote name='XRDOSE' post='660344' date='Apr 17 2008, 06:49 PM']i wouldnt mind havin a dvd player on my premium sound screen....so does having the converter mean u still need to go buy a dvd player? hows it work? sorry im a bit dumb with car audio. how much are we lookin at?[/quote] Look at the previous posts about 3-4pages back. has links and all. looking about 240 from 300 bucks. Yes you need a DVD player to go with it. It is basically a unit which has vieo input that plugs inot your nav and allows access tyo the prem screen. can hook up reverse camera, dvd players, even computer(if you have the right connection). We have about 3 people intrested at the moment. The guy needs 5 people to do the deal. 2 more to get a 15 percent saving which equates to about 60 bucks off the price.
  10. Once more guys just gonna put out there that we can get a pretty good deal with car converters (changing prem sound into a DVD screen). See previous post. Remembering that we only need 5 people and by the looks of things have already 2 people interested. Otherwise I'd be happy to see a valve spring group buy if done by nizpro for the right price.
  11. Well I sent a msg to phoon re.tripods - yet to hear a reply. Already had a chat to a guy at Car converters it's just wthether people want it (could be a short group but say a week as we only need 5 people (Total) to jump on board (already have 2).
  12. Well thats 3 for a tripod and 2 for a car-converter (Remember we only need 3 others to take about 60 bucks off the price of the converter). Who would we ask at pole position for the possibility of a group buy? Sorry I should probably know this.
  13. Excellent 3 more guys or gals for the converter and we can order it. If we can get a few more on the tripod then we should ask.
  14. Hey guys wanting a tripod - read the last group buy from pole position which states that they were not ready to offer a group buy back in Oct 07 as it was too close to an intial one - wondering whether it was worth asking them again -- that is if there is intrest. Also just voicing again if there was any takers on the car-converters box to allow DVD hook up to the prem sound screen. They were prepared to provide a 15 percent discount if 5 people were intrested.
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