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  1. Fixed the issue. positive cable going to the battery was grounding, whenever there was a change of momentum or turning a corner it would ground cause the cable to ground and short the whole system.
  2. Hey guys Recently my territory turbo has started to do a weird jolt when letting off throttle. Before people start commenting diff bushes hear me out, it seams to be electrical related. It's a territory turbo with a built fg turbo engine in it, only got put in recently and has been nothing but dramas, at first it would have an issue with the ignition coil fuse which seamed to be a wire running to the fuse box in the cabin was grounding somewhere when the engine mounts would twist causing the car to sputter and shutdown, that issue has been rectified but now there's another electrical related issue. Now whats happening is the zf is jolting when you let off, reverse up a driveway, hit a hard enough bump, so on, its not very consistent but from what I can tell it appears to be from the engine mounts twisting or a vibration. when it does the jolt it also shuts off the radio, (it also shuts off boost gauge, volt meter and reverse camera which are wired into the lighter socket). Also shows on the dash what drive mode its in, R when reversing, rdp when in drive, PEF when in sport, displaying it like it does when you put it in those gears, just instead while driving, it also displayed rdp while driving but when I was in PEF, shifted it back to drive and into sport which reverted it back to sport. I haven't checked any fuses or anything electrical yet due to the car still being driveable. I should mention that the fans for the radiator haven't been working causing the engine to run a bit hotter than usual, occasionally it jumps into limp mode when theres heavy traffic but its manageable, the transmission cooler is placed where the old hood scoop was, because the head gets hot and when it gets near the red the transmission occasionally starts to flash on the dash, I'm gonna put it back to where it should be but in thinking it could be something to do with the solenoids in the trans being cooked, unlikely as it's effecting the whole car but yeah should be noted.
  3. I got an auto electrician to have a look at, found that the wire after the pcm which goes to the fuse box was either grounding or adding extra resistance, in the range of 20-55amps on a fuse that runs at 15amps. He just instead wired in a new wire as the old one ran between the engine and gearbox, he said that it's when the engine twists on the mounts the wire must be getting squashed or grounding or something. For $400 dollars for 5 hours of labour I can't complain, it was a tricky one and now looking I wouldn't have been able to do it myself.
  4. Hey guys, this is a long one I just blew my engine in my terri, decided to replace it with a built fg turbo motor. After 2 weeks of driving around it all of sudden shut down after flooring it over a speed bump and blew the IGN COIL fuse 15A, we took it to a shop where they told me they couldn't diagnose the issue (I specifically told them it seams to be happening under load but they told me they let it idle in the shop and pretty much drove it like a granny around the block for 10 mins). After I drove it easy for 20kms and decided to floor it a few times. I first started to notice a decrease in power gradually after every pull I did until finally the fuse gave out, we then pulled the fuse, replaced it and then shorted as soon as I turned the key, decided to unplug the battery for 5 mins and then after put the fuse in and it started and we let it idle for a few mins and then shut it down and started it 4 more times, it seamed to be magically fixed again until we drove it around again for around 10 mins and then the fuse blew again. We decided to replace ignition coils and spark plugs, upon looking there was quite a bit of oil in the first 3 plug whole and nothing in the last 3, that's another issue that needs solving for another day. After we replaced them the car ran smooth and felt great but again loose of power followed by shut down. We then tugged on a few cables and at one point we could drive the car like a twat for 20 mins before it blew/lost power, but then again the same loss of power and then shut down After that final shutdown we tried the same unplug battery for 5 mins trick but this time it just wouldn't do it, we tried jamming a wire in there (definitely not the smartest thing I've ever done) as we were stuck in the middle of a road but it just completely melted the wire after about 2-3 seconds which probably means I've melted a wire somewhere else along the harness as-well, we pushed it out of the way, left it for 30 mins and decided to give it a shot again. My mate suggested we reset the "Shock sensor" under the passenger side glove box, we did that and it started, worked for 3 mins and broke down again, reset it again and replaced the fuse, once again started and worked for 3 mins, last shutdown, tried this same trick and it wasn't having it, won't start at all, obviously is cranking but won't start and we haven't attempted to start it since. It seams to sputter before it shuts down like it's running on 4 of the 6 cylinders, and then once it shuts down it blows the fuse. This is a very long message but it would be very appreciated if someone has had a similar issue and figured out a way to solve it.
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