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  1. How's the clutch going? Do you clutch kik hows the driveability ect Im tossing up between a mantic twin (1900) or npc twin ($2500)
  2. Long time reader fist time poster, ive been following along and getting parts after reading all these helpful posts but im thinking about getting a bigger turbo for the fg ute and seen that ants has a gtx3584rs for less than a grand apparently bolt on (or so they say) just wondering if anyone has any experience with this or if I should head in another direction fyi my current mods are intercooler, oil pump gears, valve springs, walbro 460 (pump only in stock assembly intank) 1000cc boch injectors, a 4inch dump and high flow cat plus turbo side intake and batt relo. Any other essentials I shoul
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