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  1. 04LTRB

    Pedders XA coilovers

    Cheers man I’m not to harsh with driving so just looking for comfort an alil but lower
  2. Hey all purchasing XA coilovers tomorrow , just wondering how low they go on a BA xr6 can anyone post some pics please , also any comments on how they ride cheers Michael
  3. Yea going back to see him on Saturday we are gunna re-bleed it and see what happens
  4. Hey all , just a query my clutch has just been installed ( now 300kms old ) it seems to be very light , it’s a Mantic HD twin plate any ideas why this is or is it suppose to be light , also seems to grab close to the Top of the release ! Any Ideas ?
  5. 04LTRB

    Cost to replace my clutch

    Yea that’s what I was thinking $400-$500 isn’t to bad , how many hours roughly ?
  6. Hey all what’s a rough figure to replace my clutch if I supply the clutch kit ? ive purchased a Mantic HD twin plate clutch kit . How is many hours roughly ? Car is a Ba XR6T with a T56 in it
  7. 04LTRB

    Clutch options 320rwkw

    I’m pretty keen on the mantic heavy duty twin plate , Yea staying at 320rwkw im happy with that for abit of fun
  8. 04LTRB

    Clutch options 320rwkw

    Thanks Keith lol
  9. 04LTRB

    Clutch options 320rwkw

    I dunno why edit: My inbox was full I just emptied it
  10. 04LTRB

    Clutch options 320rwkw

    Awesome thanks for the reply I was heading towards the mantic clutch
  11. 04LTRB

    Clutch options 320rwkw

    Yea Xtreme is the cheaper option an have had some good feedback but the mantic is a twin plate and about $200-$300 more which is fine just seeing what people have to say about both I drive it everyday , don’t mind giving it a bit when I can ,
  12. Hey all probably been asked before , but looking for a decent clutch kit for my 2004 ba xr6t converted T5 to T56 . ive got 320rwkw with 602nm it’s my daily driver so don’t need anything super crazy , I’m not looking for anymore power just a reliable clutch I was looking at the Xtreme heavy duty clutch kit or the Mantic Heavy duty twin plate . Anyone have opinions on either of these to kits ?a lot of people will say malwood clutch but not looking at spending that amount of cash cheers for the responses
  13. 04LTRB

    Cruise Ideas New South Wales

    Is anyone goin to the EOMM @ eastern creek tonight ?
  14. 04LTRB

    Oil catch can setup pics

    Hey all I'm wanting to do a catch can setup can use post some pics on how you have done one I need ideas cheers michael
  15. 04LTRB

    Rota Grid 18X9.5 +20

    This is the exactly the pic I was looking for , same colour rims an same colour car awesome

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