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  1. Thanks mate I'll have another look and see what I can find I did try to get movement out of everything with a bar but I suppose its not quite the same I'll look into the arm kit.
  2. So have a 2013 xr6t ute that has a knock in the front left side that you can feel through the floor. Its just had new mca coils put in but it had the knock before that also. I've looked at all the bushes and ball joints checked every bolt I can find and the front sub frame and rack are all tight. The only time it happens is while turning right and going over a decent bump in the road or up a drive way with a rolled gutter doesn't happen going down. Any ideas welcome its doing my head in. The engine mounts and g/box mounts look good to
  3. Yea fair enough the concave on them is the same I think from the koya site until you go 20s which I dont want just to big for my taste. And the 8.5 front is standard face anyways. Idk see how I go I'm ordering them tomorrow.
  4. Yea its a ute. I was going to but don't wanna go much over a 275 tyre anyways just didnt see the point. Is there an advantage to the 10.5 rear
  5. Makes sense. Might see if a 255/40 will fit
  6. Hey thanks mate I've decided to go with the sf04 in an 8.5+25 front and a 9.5+25 rear and see how a 255/35/19 and 275/35/19 go. I think I need to bring the back down to match the front so its flat also as they are still stock springs in the back so it sits quite high. Was thinking of getting herrod spring though haven't made up my mind between them and kings yet.
  7. So I'm guessing a 9.5 for the rear at a +35 would sit quite nice then it the 10 at 40 are good. Would +35 be better or would that be getting close to the suspension. How narrow a tyre I wouldn't like anything under a 245 with 255 preferably.
  8. Would a 285 fit on a 9.5 I thought the widest could go was a 275.. thanks mate I'll look in to it.
  9. Hi I know this has been asked a thousand time and I've read a sh*t ton of threads and usually end up with more questions then answers haha and usually not much about the ute specifically. But I was wondering if a 18x9+35 with 255/30or35 on the front and a 18x9.5+35 with 275/30or35 would fit an fg xr6t ute. Gunna be enkei RS05RR And don't do an 8.5 or I'd put that on the front Or the other size I could get in the same rim is +25 with same other specs should note its got mca coilovers in the front that are near std height and std springs in the back so std height to. Dont really want them to poke out past the gaurds and try to avoid rolling but can if I have to. Any help or experience with this size would be great
  10. So an 18x9+25 will definitely fit or would a 35 be better for the front of a fg ute
  11. So do you know for sure that the 18x9 +25 will fit the front(inside and out). I think the front is about 10 to 15 mm down on my fg xr6t ute (mca red series coilovers) about to order rims just so much info and some say stuff will fit and some say it won't. Also thinking 18x9 +35 or +25 for the rear aswell
  12. So this may have been answered but I couldnt find the same size I am wondering if 18x9 +35 will fit the front of an fg ute
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