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  1. I would be interested in buying them if wanted to move them them on. Let me know if you come across them.
  2. Hi Keith, I did get this system working nicely again, just a couple of minor connection problems. Just wondering on the off chance if you kept the original speakers from the sprint? Not that I want to now but I do like the idea of having the factory parts for originality in the future. Regards, Gerald.
  3. Thank you, It was advertised as a one owner 48000Kms from a Ford Dealership at Yallah. I will look after it, I've only owned Falcons, this is my third. Had an XC for 21 years then my EL XR6 for 17years which I still have.
  4. Thanks Keith, I'll go over it tomorrow. The car is in pretty good condition. How long ago did he move it on? Cheers, Gerald.
  5. Hi Keith, It looks like I just bought your father's XR8 Sprint, had it transported from a NSW dealership to Tas. I have a small problem with the sound system and just stumbled across your post. There is no sound from the front door speakers and the crossovers are only just there. Any ideas that might save me some time? I have downloaded some manuals for the components.
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