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  1. hey all, having just purchased an FG, I'm new to the whole experience of the car, and have ticked off a lot of things, thanks to this forum. Though, one that stumps me.........I have the standard interior roof lights , though if I was to purchase a roof light with sunglasses holder.........are the holes for the extended size of the bigger sunglasses/light already in the roof lining? or do I have to drill them?
  2. Hey Guys, First time poster with recently purchased 2014 FG XR6 turbo sedan ( 2 weeks ago ), and have been lurking in this forum 'quietly' for a long while, and before buying this beauty.....I had 2 ( 84 + 85 ) XF's and 1998 EL XR8 ( that is for sale )First things first........fuelling the car up seems to be a small issue. I use BP 98, and when I stick the nozzle into the tank to fuel up, I have to hold the nozzle at half throttle to fill the tank or it quickly froths up and stops the pump. Is this normal or do I possibly have a fuel vent blockage somewhere??
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