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  1. Just out of curiosity, the auto adjust review mirror ( from those rich G6E's) and they're chrome trimmings ), would a loose review- mirror ( with the complete harness ), plug into a standard FG loom giving complete operation or will they're have to be some custom work required to get it to work?
  2. Hey guys, is it possible to have the front lip attachment made for the MK1 , modded to fit the MK2 2014 bumper? At worst, it should be the same width, though it wont align perfectly with the MK2, it appears with a few mods it may. Has anybody had any experiance with these lip sttachments? I've attached a picture of the lip attachment that I'm talking about. And as well a youtube clip......
  3. As K31th said........there's nothing there that stands out. You state the oil light came on..........that could mean a dozen things. Gone are the days , where things are simple with cars. Best get it to a mechanic , by towing or driving and have the car scanned. Go from there.................on the off chance, Hows the coolant? any oil in there from the gear box....................?
  4. I was only after the front passengers side ( Thanks to one scratch ), but like mentioned above ( From Alpha ), I found a full set that had been hydro dipped and look similar to the factory design. A very happy customer now....cheers guys👍
  5. Hey guys, I'm all about keeping the original look of my car, though I have heavy scratch on my passenger side dash spear. I have tried all the polishing tricks to hide it, but have failed. I have bought 2 left sides separately , hoping they would be in better condition or could be polished into perfection, this was not the case. So, before I give up, and just vinyl wrap all my dash spears into a near design of carbon fibre that came with the car, ( I have looked around on ebay, and other sites..... trying to find the same design ). Has anybody come across anywhere that had the same design a
  6. I should add , there is a small circuit wire that's connects the circuit board ( about 3 inches long under the P,R,N,D ), that connects down further into the gear select housing....similar to whats in the PS4 controller. But it dosent look disconectable....
  7. hey guys, I purchased the whole gear selector out of a fg ( 5 speed auto)from a wrecker, just for the black fascia to swap over with my current grey one ( cause all black is better ). I have noticed that my gear select light ( red light ) is always on ( turns off with door lights ), .... I have to swap the circuit board ( underneath the P,R,N,D ) out of my 6 speed to put it into the 5 speed housing in the photo below. Has anybody had any issues with codes or changing gears after doing this?
  8. Currently, my FG has the black interior..........but has the gawd awful bone colour pillars and roof lining. Every FG I have ever come across has the same................though I recently had a close look at a FGX and noticed it had dark grey pillars and a dark colored roof ( could see because of the dark tint ). What colours dose has the FGX interior pillars and roof lining come in? I'd ideally, love to find one in black and swap it all over from the FGX inro the FG......I'm not interested in painting mine black. Cheers.....
  9. sorry, I had a light bar on my EL..........not my FG. I dumbied it up in the cavity of the front bumper and intercooler for a trial fit................and there is no chance of fitting it.
  10. Hey again......has anybody had any experience's with these side indicators for the FG? Though I'm cautious since they are from china https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-Side-Indicator-Guard-led-Flasher-light-For-Ford-Falcon-Xt-XR6-XR8-FG-08-2014/164573057677?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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