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  1. Hey all. Bit of a newb when it comes to wheels. Just got some Inovit Turbines (20x10.5 +40 rear 20x9 +35 front) and just researching what size tyres I should fit on them. Will 265/35/20 on the rears and 245/35/20 for the front fit on an FG? Just a bit concerned about the 35 profile fitting, would 30 be better? Some advice would be great.
  2. Hey guys Been wanting to install a turbo side intake/battery relocation on my FG. Haven't yet decided between the Antz or Plazmaman kits. Can anybody tell me why the Plaz kit is worth $240 more than the Antz kit? Everything between the two looks the same. Will probably be getting the Antz kit unless there is a good reason to pay the extra $240. https://antzperformance.com.au/product/fg-xr6-turbo-turbo-side-intake-and-passenger-battery-relocation-kit-full/ https://plazmaman.com/product/fg-battery-relocation-4-intake-combo/ Thanks
  3. Hey guys Has anyone here removed the beltline moldings on the FG? Mine are all cracked and want to get them replaced. Are they difficult to remove? Are they held in by clips? Some tips would be great. Cheers guys
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