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  1. Hi Guys I'm having issues with my brake lights. The taillights work, but one side is brighter than the other. This can alternate to the other side, with a simple jiggle of the light bulb. Globes are new Also when the brake is pressed only one brake light is illuminated. I'm assuming it's a earthing issue, my question is whwreabouts do I look/clean up the contacts. Car is a 2014 MK11 XR6 Turbo ute
  2. Sweet thanks mate, the same wheels I mentioned also come in a +30 offset. You reckon this offset will provide enough clearance
  3. I'm yet to jack it up and have a look.. I've been using the willtheyfit calculator online. Which has the same measurements you got. I was after confirmation someone has fitted some 18inch, by 9 wheels
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