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  1. I’ll try and see what gapping the plugs does for me, and also going to pull intercooler piping off again to check there’s no oil leftover in there, and checking fuel filter, cheers
  2. Hey guys just seeing if anyone has any ideas about what I should check next. my car has a pretty bad misfire under load (basically as soon as I hit boost it misfires and carries on). I’ve got brand new spark plugs and genuine coils. Intercooler has been cleaned so there shouldn’t be any oil residue in there from my old turbo sh*tting itself. The car is 480kw on e85 so it’s very noticeable when you hit boost and it misfires. When I replaced spark plugs and coils it fixed the issue for about 50km then it came back, I’m thinking of checking spark plug gap next? Just seeing if anyone has had the same issue. ive read other threads with this problem but nothing really helped
  3. Any updates? Mines constantly reading full, I think the fuel level float might just be stuck after sitting for a few months with a full tank? bit daunting because it’s on E85 now and I don’t know how much fuel I have lol 😬
  4. So I seem to have all the features of a MK2 but apparently built before they came out? Unless I’m reading something wrong
  5. This is the part where I’m a bit confused, my cars debadged so it doesn’t say MK2 on the back anyway (or XR6 Turbo or anything). It hasn’t got lower side vents and on paper it says MK2 so it seems like it is a MK2 but the build from memory was 03/2006 [emoji848] Here’s the car
  6. So basically I’ve just bought an XR6 Turbo ute, and it is written on paper as a BF MK2 but I just want to make sure as I have read there is quite a few differences between the 2... is there any key differences that I can check to 100% make sure I have a MK2? Cheers in advance [emoji1689]
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