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  1. Thanks Mate, on my way to go grab it!
  2. Ah okay, Thanks Keith. Any brands in particular you would recommend?
  3. Hi All, I have a 2010 FG sedan and the time has come to replace the battery it came to me with. Looking at making a long term investment so I'm happy to spend the money this time as it will probably stay in until I sell the vehicle. Does anyone have any recommendations on a sturdy, high quality battery? Thanks all!
  4. I believe its a direct bolt on, its meant to give you a little more cackle, not so sure though. There are some youtube videos on the how to and the results / performance; which isn't much better, if at all, over stock.
  5. Its Gotta be the dust from the horrendous carpark I have to park in every day, never looks like my car is clean anymore. 😕
  6. Howdy Guys and Gals, I'm looking to try and source an unmolested engine to modify, Either a FG turbo or 08 forward E-gas motor, However trying to source one in Queensland for a decent price has proven to be quite the pain. I was wondering if you guys had any sort of guidlines for good pricing generally, and where in Queensland I can find one? Thanks All.
  7. I thought they were 200 on 95/8 octane, so wouldnt the fuel make a difference? all be it a little one.
  8. that's What I thought Keith, those are BA turbo numbers aren't they?
  9. Hey all, interested to hear your various reactions to this: A tuning company in SA called "KPM Motorsports": are quoting that they can pull 240kw out of an N/A. I was thinking that was pretty off. Not sure if rear wheel or fly wheel. The pack included. StreetFighter performance headers StreetFighter performance cat-back 2.5 inch exhaust system StreetFighter air box Full StreetFighter customised ECU tune on dyno what do you guys reckon? too good to be true?
  10. I could imagine, Mate. I can't seem to find a lot of FG falcon anything up here in Brisvegas. Thanks for that feedback though, from what I've read elsewhere they seem pretty good so if I'm after anything else that I can't snag from a wrecker up here, I think I'll go there. Thanks for the advice guys.
  11. Just out of curiosity, has anyone had any dealings with Athol Park wreckers in SA??
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