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  1. ISL006

    Performance tires

    Thanks heaps for the help guys. Seems my ets are still the way hey ?
  2. ISL006

    Performance tires

    Hey guys. I know this has been asked a million times before but does anyone have any suggestions on 2 things. 1. a street performance tire for everyday driving and an occasional bit of fun ? 2 and a good semi slick for roll racing. Don’t want to go full radial as I have to drive car to track. Dont worry bout rim size as I have to buy new rims anyway. Car is putting around 820 rwhp to the hubs. 780 rwhp on a chassis dyno. Thsnks heaps guys Tim
  3. ISL006

    Recommended Tuner / Workshop Queensland

    Oh that’s not good to hear u had drama. Hope everything is all good now ! Yer mate John n Jamie are the bomb @ forced. I’ll be up there again in new year for haltech/ wavetrac and cv upgrade and cams. Cant wait ?
  4. ISL006

    The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    Im new to the forum guys and Im from the sunny coast. Nice to meet you all.
  5. ISL006

    Recommended Tuner / Workshop Queensland

    Its worth the trip to Toowoomba mate. Forced performance and tuning are amazing to work with and very affordable

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