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  1. Gday ya wheel spinin hsv eating maniacs Had a project for the last couple of months I'm putting a 07bf green top in my sadan with fg Intake 1000cc bosch ev14s Running on e85 with plasmaman surge tank and pierburg pump e85 safe lifter pump Stage 2 fg cooler kit Precision 6466 straight swap turbo 4" dump and screamer on stock exhaust with gutted cat I've put atomic ready to boost 2 kit in the green top Now got all the gear ready to go and broke as hell looking for recommendations on a clutch and or if flywheel if its neccessary Hoping to make 400kw after tune willing to push motor to 20psi Please give me some insite as I'm no mechanic and been told a few different things by tuners where and what to do from here! And a big thanks to you legends here for all the info getting me this far! Want to post pics but cant get the hang of it! Car is a 2005 ba mk2 xr6t bfmk2 xt body kit almost ready to go once shes running again to give it a sorta sleeper look Also wanting a to put a bobtail spoiler on
  2. Thanks a heap puff out my mind at ease putting the engine and manifold in today with a precision 6466 hopefully all goes well
  3. Sorry to jack the post fellas but putting metal fg Intake in a ba along with a 07bf motor with a few supporting mods Question is the three lines on the fg manifold where do the go for the conversion
  4. Gday guys, but of a novice and been giving it all a go on my own I have a mark2 ba I've been playing with so far I've put bosch 1000cc injectors big cooler walbro 460 pump and 12psi wastegate I'm looking for a tune to do myself learning toward the sct x4 I've never used one and would like some info on tunes any help much appreciated fellas! Where would I get a mail order tune? I understand the tunes arnt great but I have a f6 motor to be put in after

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