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  1. All sorted today. Had service done and fans adjusted by the tuner. Cheers for all the advice everyone.
  2. So should it be safe to drive to work and back for a few days until I can have the fans reset? Cheers.
  3. https://pasteboard.co/IkzwLwF.jpg https://pasteboard.co/IkzxJUj.jpg https://pasteboard.co/Ikzy4aI.jpg First one is 92 waxstat? I removed this as car was getting hot. Gasket was perished. Second one is tridon 91c 195f, was tuned with this in it. Third one is what I put in today.
  4. Fitted the 180 thermostat this arvo and seems to be operating fine. Will take for a longer spirited drive in the morning.
  5. Tuned. Bought ute 8 months ago stockish. 2005 bf xr6 turbo ute, zf 6spd. It had upgraded plazmaman piping and medium sized intercooler. I put k&n panel in stock airbox, 4inch dump/front pipe, 3.5 cat/catback with twin 3 inch tips, flapper mod, valve springs, turbosmart actuator, 950cc injectors, 460 e85 walbro in tank pump, tuned at 13psi on 98 making 310kw at the wheels.
  6. I just checked supercheaps web page and the thermostat part number for my 2005 bf xr6 turbo was TT2000-195. Is this one ok or should I look for the TT2000-180? Thanks, Chris.
  7. Found 3 points along the seam on rear cab below air vents where the seam bead had lifted and rust has formed. Cut out and treated with rust inhibitor and slapped some seam sealer on. Wasn't a pretty job but it's hidden with the plastic sleeve that goes over the seam. Tested with hose and no leaks!!! Hopefully it stays that way as I don't want to have to go through all that pulling out of the interior and rear tray liner. Too old for this stuff. I just want to drive. 🚗💨👍😎🍻
  8. Yes, rust will most likely be the problem.
  9. I sat inside while someone hosed the back of the cab. Below the rear window there are 4 long rectangle slots for air to escape out through the black pressure vents. No water in there but along the seam under those slots water leaked and ran down the back wall. I'm thinking it might be rusted on the outside along the metal ledge below the two air vents that goes from side to side with a rubber sleeve over it. Will pull the tub liner out later this week to inspect closer. I have recently fitted a flush soft toneau cover that has metal strips riveted through the tub liner into the metal tub to secure it, I'll have to drill them out to remove the liner. Oh dear not looking forward to that.
  10. Smelly damp smell in car after heavy rain or washing with gerni. Carpet behind drivers seat and on cab floor near rear wall storage area damp. Pulled the rear wall carpet out and found water runs down the rear wall and under felt damp on floor behind drivers seat. Would it be coming in from leaking rear window seal or the air pressure vents under window.
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