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  1. Wow you got nothing better to do than make comments on other people's membership, go get a real life.
  2. Hi all, not sure if this helps but when the engine mounts were gone in my Territory it was vibrating at idle too especially when cold...... On a separate occasion I was experiencing vibrations under load while driving. I was fed up with it so got under the car and began looking around rear diff/suspension area ( as had previously replaced all diff and control arm bushes), I noticed a shiny section on the sub frame that mounts the diff and suspension to body near the exhaust pipe where paint was worn off. While it was parked either engine off or at idle it seemed to have about 10mm clearance but under load was twisting just enough to move closer ever so slightly to rub against this frame. Replaced hanger rubbers and slightly tweaked the metal brackets, managed to get almost a fingers gap and a bit of a touching up with paint so the frame doesn't rust and it was sweet...... Not sure if that is your issue but worth a quick look. Follow exhaust at rear of car where it loops around subframe and look for any possible contact spots, mine was rubbing just after the first muffler where it first bends up then back down again over subframe.... Good luck.:)
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