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  1. Hi All, Currently running a FG Mk2 ute with about 440rwkw I'm having the transmission upgraded shortly (stock ZF at the moment) and want know real world experiences with high stall torque convertors? Anyone running a X6 from MT? With the standard TC it feels like it's engaging too soon and with a bigger turbo (PT 6466) it feels laggy af Cheers
  2. Barra6T

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    Perth. North of River FG MK2. PW Intercooler, 1000cc injectors, PW race air box and battery relocation, Precision 64/66, X Force turbo back, PW twin fuel pumps with surge tank, Crow race valve springs, Bilsteins all round, reset leafs with half rebound leafs, Whiteline adjustable front sway bar 441rwkw..... ZF upgrade next
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