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  1. I have an SY territory turbo running a capa 10 psi tune with exactly the same problem hard acceleration and a series of fault lights I including abs then the speedo drops off line and no cruise control I have tried to get a fault code from the ff2 no joy restart the car and fault clears. I did find one of the ans connectors not properly installed my fault but still no joy I'll throw it up on the hoist today and check the continuaty of each abs sensor. Any one else come up with an idea on this one
  2. I have a similar problem I replaced the front cv shafts which has part solved the issue now the vibration is less but seems to be coming from the rear where before there was clearly vibration through the steering wheel . I'm going to change the drive shaft bearing next
  3. I know that this was a long time ago but I recently bought a TT with 230 k on it I gave the thing a tougher inspection and saw that the FWD diff mounts were toast so I replaced the with non rubbers one Super something Aussie made anyway. Point is that post fitment I have exactly the same issue you have except that it's under light to medium loads if you put the hammer down it goes away. I also replaced the front upper control arm bushes with non rubber whiteline at the same time I do wonder if it is nothing more than over stiffness of the new bushes and why ford used rubber in the first place. I did the work myself the diff bushes are correctly orientated as per the instructions. I have to replace a leaking front diff shaft seal this weekend if it turns up so I'll have a close look at the engine mounts while I'm there. I also have my daughters Tessa ghia awd at the moment 300 k on it and put on the hoist and noted it has non rubber front diff mount and no load vibrations so I am really wondering about the combination of the upper control arm bushes as well as the diff ?????
  4. Did mine yesterday it's a messy job the bushes look like a war zone when you finally get them out. I threw my daughter's territory up on the hoist to havea llook and noted that they have already been done but whoever did it didn't orientate the bushes properly. Rears slots should be vertical front 45 degrees from vertical clockwise looking at it from the wheel bay. Cheers
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