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  1. A1RFC1

    FG Brembo Hoses

    So they will with modifying them I'm assuming mate?
  2. A1RFC1

    FG Brembo Hoses

    Bought a set of 4 Piston Front Brembos for my FG Turbo. Will the PBR hoses/lines fit or will I have to track down specific hoses?
  3. Can someone elaborate on what happened to that PWR that supposedly failed? I'll be deciding what path to go down over the next week or two.
  4. Yeah, exactly right! I'd rather put it in the hands of someone who does this type of thing day in day out then piss fart around doing it myself. A ZF is not exactly a box I want to go 'experimenting' on, regardless of how much reading on it I can do.
  5. Well after thinking to myself about this, I thought I'd leave this one to the experts rather than do it myself again & potentially cause more harm than good. Car is booked to go see Sam at Tech Automatics this week, hopefully he'll work some magic on it & sort out this hiccup. I've read great reviews on his shop, anyone here had an experience with him? Seems he does a lot of FG cabs from his website & has more than 30 years experience with auto's.
  6. I've got another 10 litres of the Syn TS fluid, I'll drain it once more to get the old stuff out of the convertor & try the refill procedure again, hopefully it solves that issue. Hope its something as simple as fluid level but as it turns out I had it pretty down pat the first time. We'll see how we go
  7. Getting back on topic, I've since serviced my ZF with GW SYN-TS which has improved it. Definitely made a difference, but seeing my trans hadn't been serviced since it left the factory I'm sure any approved fluid would of helped. Now, one thing I have noticed is if im at 60-70% throttle & in 2nd gear, I can feel the transmission 'slip' into 3rd. I still wasn't sure if it was a slip until today after a squirt at WOT from 2nd into 3rd gear it registered a 'Transmission Fault' on the dash, I turned off the engine & started and it was fine. Any ideas what this may be? Torque convertor not locking properly? As I said, any ideas would help & it will only do it under this throttle application & in 2nd gear. Fluid was changed as per the ZF PDF file on here. I get a funny feeling the car has been babied most of its life, possibly making me believe the transmissionhas 'adapted' to a lazy shift. Now thinking of tuning it to help these symptoms. I've checked coolant & fluid obviously, no sign of milkshake anywhere.
  8. A1RFC1


    Mystic 'Green' on my FG under direct sunlight is basically blue. But in person it is definitely a nice metallic green
  9. I like the way you've set yours up Jet. Looks very clean, I haven't read your threads yet but in what manner do you run your lines? I've been told to run them in the most direct way possible
  10. As per title, Where is the best location for a trans cooler install on a fg xr6t? Looking to do this in the next week or two & in two minds over where it can be located. Keeping in mind adequate flow to & from the transmission & cooler itself as I don't want the auto starving of fluid due to the distance the fluid has to travel. I've read a few guys squeezing them between the radiator & intercooler although I'm looking to be putting a bigger front mount on down the track so will this be an issue? Behind the fog light seems another choice but I'm worried it won't flow enough air through it as I won't be running a fan setup
  11. Ended up calling the GW head office in Melbourne, going to buy straight from them. $145 for 20 litres seems rather good compared to the price Ford want for there liquid gold...bit of a joke when you compare other products such as GW or Transmax Z that are supposedly better.
  12. I have been searching high & low for the GW stuff, called Autobarn, Bursons, Super Cheap & Auto 1. Haven't had any luck whatsoever, they said it has been discontinued and/or they don't stock it? Any other places in Melbourne, otherwise I might stick with the Transmax Z stuff. By the way, the more I'm getting used to the ZF the more I'm understanding how it reacts to different throttles & such, one thing I've noticed is it sort of 'lurks' for gears under 40-60% throttle, sometimes giving off the impression its a minor slip for a split second & then will grab gear. Will not do it under WOT or light throttle. Is this normal?
  13. Seems there's a few different oil's that claim to match (or better) the liquid gold. After reading up on many peoples tutorial's seems much more clear now so that's a job for the weekend to do. Today, I let it warm for a good 10 minutes before heading off seeing it was very cold. Seemed better although I could still notice a small thump as opposed to the initial thud I was getting prior so I guess there's not much more I can really do until I give it a service. Also gave it a go in manual mode & was a 'tad' better but definitely not where I'd want it to be. I guess if the problem still happens after I service it, I'll see if any reputable tuners can 'tune' it out.
  14. Usually I'll let it warm for about 2 to 3 minutes in the morning before I head to work. From what I've read the ZF tranny fluid does heat up very quickly but it still shouldn't explain why it thuds into gear. I doubt Ford would of sold a car that does that so it does lead me to believe I need to look into it further. Would a ZF tune help in any way or is this simply a case of servicing?
  15. I've noticed that 2nd back to 1st is noticeable but it doesn't have the same 'jolting' feeling I get from the 1st to 2nd shift. Yes, I'm also going to fit an external tranny cooler while I'm doing the service. While I've read through most of the ZF service thread's here, is there anything else I should be aware of? Not as simple it seems as my old cars to service
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