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  1. Happy Birthday BLUUOA!

  2. Happy Birthday BLUUOA!

  3. Happy Birthday BLUUOA!

  4. Happy Birthday BLUUOA!

  5. Thanks guys... It actually just happened again this morning in manual mode I gave it a hit in 2nd gear and the gear selector started flashing and lost the gas peddle and couldn't accerelate anymore And noticed the car was missing like crazy and was idling funny I turned it off and turned it back on and everything went back to normal.... It only happens when the car is under load.. Would a faulty valve body cause the car to go in limp mode ? Shouldn't a scanner pick up the problem... This car is %^%*& stressing me out
  6. Hey guys.... I've still got an issue with my car going into gearbox limp mode every time you give it a hit.... The abs light, traction light and brake light flash and the Speedo stops working when the gearbox goes into limp mode the gear selection display flashes and the speedo holds on a certain speed then stops working... I've been told the gearbox might be having issues I've done everything under the sun to try and fix this problem without any luck... I've even changed all 4 wheel sensors put standard wheels back on changed the gearbox and engine wiring loom to try and narrow it down....but again no luck AND WORST THING IS THERE ARE NO TROUBLE CODES TO NARROW DOWN THE PROBLEM I've put the car back to standard and with the factory tune Had the car at two auto electricians, back to two ford dealerships and even took it back where my car has been tuned without any luck After allot of time and money I'm still back at square one I’m calling anyone that can help I’ve got a spare ZF 6 Speed that I bought out of a wreak BF xr6 turbo but have been told it will not work with my car due to transmission ecu is only coded to suit that particular engine VIN and chassis Is this true? How can I make this gearbox work with my car Please guys I really need help with this issue as it’s really stressing me out because I don’t seem to get an answer to the problem it’s only costing me $$$ Honestly if anyone can guide me in the right direction or know anyone that has had a similar issue with their car.... Or anyone that would like to take on this issue please PM me thanks Could it be the computer or ABS module Thanks
  7. Hey guys Anyone come up with a fix for the speedo not working Mine keeps doing it even after switching the car on and off a few times... Also the abs light,traction control light and brake light flash and the car goes into limp mode... I've replaced both rear ABS sensor...
  8. I've got 22 inch rear and 20 inch front but I've had this combination for over 8 months If something was to go wrong it should of happened along time ago when I replaced the wheels... Do you know if the ring gears for the abs sensors on the BA CV shafts vary from the rings on BF shafts...
  9. Hey Senna Long time Hope all is well I'm really stressing about this problem A guy I got to know from Ford helped me out He told me that something is not communicating with the abs module they told me cause of the flash tuner there diagnositc machine only picked up a speed fault nothing else the machine couldn't pin point the problem or tell me which sensor may be faulty.
  10. Hey guys It's a 2006 BF FPV F6 Typhoon with a ZF 6 Speed Automatic Transmisson This problem is really getting to me.... I drive normal and the car is fine once I give it a little gas the abs light, traction control light and brake light flash, and the car goes into limp mode and the speedo stops working... This has all happened after replacing a broken drive shaft I’ve checked all sensors and pick ups from each wheel and everything seems alright The code that comes up is Speed signal missing or incorrect has anyone experienced the same problem or know of anything that might fix it ... Once you turn the car off and turn it back on everything resets until you give it a little gas again Do the wheel sensors pick up the speedo or is there something in the gearbox that knows your speed Thanks
  11. Hey Guys It's been an awesome experience with the series The show will be airing this Monday the 6th April at 9:30pm on Fox 8 for 2 months Thanks
  12. Hey guys... It's been confirmed that the series of Blood Sweat & Gears will air on April 6th on Fox 8 at 9:30pm and go for 2 months Re-runs on Fox 8+2 at 11:30pm And Friday at 10:30pm Thanks
  13. Thanks mate I can't wait to watch it either only a couple of months to go... They reckon this years show on last years. Hey if your interested in being a competitor for series 3 let me know I can help somehow...
  14. Thanks guys... Alot has changed since the last feature in Street Fords It has gone along way new ideas and heaps more custom work I've taken pride in what I've built and for other to admire and love hearing positive comments... And also hear to help Thanks again
  15. You can't see it because I haven't even spent that much mate the money that was spent was including the purchase of the car which was $60+ brand new As I said you need to see the car to understand the detail photos don't do justice let me know what photos you would like so I can change your opinion. Just to explain Money hasn't only been spent on the engine bay The interior has a full custom retrim including roof lining every plastic part is chrome including the dash, full entertainment unit, under carriage has been painted, custom boot installation which has 4 subs 3 amps 6 TV’s and Xbox 360 integrated into the factory ICC It's all good it's a forum everyone has a right to their own opinion Anyway DRAXRX I do remember you mate As for the WRX it's long gone did you hear the police impounded it for street racing twice I had to recover it through court cause it was forfeited to the crown it took almost a year but won but court ordered to sell it What ya driving now?
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