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  2. Fg Side Mirror Glass Removal

    I know this an old list, but I just had this issue with my FG F6 outside temperature not reDing correctly. Here is what I did, hope it helps someone. Hi all My outside temperature reading as way out in my FG F6 and so after reading through the forums, decided to replace the sensor that is in the left hand outside mirror. The manual (and Internet) said to pop off the mirror with a screwdriver, but reading about other people that had broken their mirror, I thought I would step through what I did to replace it. 1. Purchase replacement sensor ( part number 8R2Z 12A647 AA 2. Move the mirror so that there is a gap on the outside, you should be able to just see behind the mirror. 3. Spray WD40 everywhere behind the mirror. Here is a picture of the mirror removed, so you can see the square plastic that it attaches to the mirror motor. 4. I also used a heat gun on low to blow behind the glass to help with the plastic being flexible. 5. I then just got my fingers behind the glass and pulled outwards. It takes a little bit of force, but popped out simply (phew, $295 for a new mirror saved). 6. Here is what the mirror looks like without the glass. 7. The temperature sensor is at the bottom of the mirror and held in with one screw (torx bit). To make access easier, I removed the mirror face plate, which is held on with 3 screws (torx bit) 8. Move the plate to one side and the temperature sensor is now free. 9. I then cut the wires as close to the sensor as you can. 10. I chose to solder the new sensor in (rather than use the supplied crimps) and then cover with heat shrink. 11. Final connection. 12. Put sensor back into its holder and tighten screw. 13. Screw mirror face plate back onto motor. 14. Now for what was the hardest part for me, getting the mirror back onto the facing plate. This took me about 4 goes before finally clicked securely into place. Now you know where best to push on the mirror, line up with plate and exert a bit of force to push on. You will find that the plate keeps moving, but persevere and it will eventually go on (relief). 15. Check your electric mirrors work ok and my external temperature was now working properly. Here is the final result. 16. Good luck.
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