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  1. Happy Birthday jensxr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday jensxr6t!

  3. Happy Birthday jensxr6t!

  4. Happy Birthday jensxr6t!

  5. Most definately. Sytdney cruise way to go. Matbe to Woolongong or something May on a Sat Arvo then back for some fun @ @#$!% on a Sat night. Comeon. Lets get this happening. Would love to see other XR6T's to see what Mods I can do and whats most affective. Im In!!!!!
  6. Meaning fords are awesome. How can you not love them. that's why I am a car fanatic. In realtion to original statement. My glasses are on??????
  7. I just got my 03 xr6t with 12 months rego and 40000kms with leather, sunroof, premium sound,19 inch wheels and great condition for $24000. Hope it helps
  8. So when is the next Sydney XR cruise. How can we organise one or who is interested!!!!! PLEASE
  9. cannot believe you let the sti do you. Definately time for some mods. Let me know what you do first and the improvements. Im currently hunting aswell. As for the bacon I had one pull me over in my 04 XR8 which got stolen just to look at it. Thankk god he didnt get picky with me with the mods on it. He was impressed then let me go on my merry way. Must do all buzz boxe's. Cheers jensxr6t
  10. How can you not be keen with such an awesome car!!!!!

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