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  1. Has anyone fixed this problem themselves? Is it a dash out job? I have this problem (FG) and don't have warranty to cover it :(
  2. FG MkII Turbo Sedan - Just got rear swapped out for straight pipe. Sounds great, not too loud, but it drones at around 2500RPM (where the TC stalls of course). I presume adding a resonator will help? Do I need to get a specific type/size to match the RPM that the drone happens or will any do? Will it reduce the exhaust noise at 2500RPM? (it's a bit obnoxious driving in quiet streets at night)
  3. Making 13 PSI now, still gets there after a second or two of giving it a bootful. Was tuned by Joe from CMS - I trust that he's done as good as can be with the fuel and setup. Might look at getting a 2nd tune on 98 some day, then I can switch back and forth when necessary.
  4. Haha good question. Mainly I was curious as to how well it stacks up to 98. Seems I missed out on around 30kw when compared to 98 but I'm happy with that. I drive my car a lot and am only on max boost once in a rare while. I think I get what you're saying, the boost seems to come on in stages. e.g. no boost -> stock boost -> extra boost. Certainly less linear than stock. So that's just how it goes I guess?
  5. Just got my MkII FG turbo tuned to 280rwkw on E10 fuel. It feels so much stronger throughout the rev range, but, only once boost comes on. I know that off-boost it won't feel any different, but it almost feels like boost takes longer to come on now. Like a whole 1-2 seconds before it hits max boost, starting at say 3000rpm. Is normal for the stock turbo? Is there anyway to improve this?
  6. FG MkII XR6 Turbo (ZF) I plan to remove the 1st gear torque limiter to be able to stall above 2000rpm and build boost off the line. I also plan to tune to no greater than 300rwkw. Obviously the limiter was put in place for a reason, so I wonder what driveline components are likely to fail from building boost off the line? What should I consider upgrading? How does the stock ZF handle this at that power level? I don't intend to drag the car. As for why? I tried this in 2nd gear and it put the biggest smile on my face. That's reason enough 😄 Thanks
  7. Yeah, I don't know where everyone finds these reasonably priced labour shops 😞
  8. Exhaust shop tells me that swapping out the cat is either a $300 or a $1000 job depending on where the cat is. 'If the cat is up the top they have to replace the dump and cat'. Any one have some info on this? Thanks
  9. Yes, this will seem like a stupid question but bear with me: I run E10 in my FG MkII XR6 Turbo. It's 94 octane and consistently 24c cheaper than 98. Way better than running 91 on these turbo motors. I want to get injectors and a tune. Not interested in intake, cat, etc. Will 94 octane fuel really be the restricting factor at this point? Plenty of cars out there run high boost on 95 octane e.g. Audis/AMGs. The Fiesta ST can run on 91 and pushes out 18psi of boost no problem. Has anyone tuned on E10 or 95 and can advise?
  10. Hi, I have an FG mkii turbo that I'm looking to tune and get a bit of more note out of. Does a hi-flow cat + dump pipe (and a tune) have any noticeable impact on idle / wot sound? Assuming everything from cat back is stock. I have heard conflicting information here. Can anyone with experience chime in?
  11. How did the paint fare? Also did the roof lining material fail at all?
  12. Has anyone left their FG falcon parked outside for a considerable period of time (years)? I'm thinking of buying one but I won't be able to keep it garaged. I was wondering what sort of damage to the paint or interior to expect after 1, 2, 5 years etc. EDIT: I'm leaning towards black or dark colours. Thanks
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