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  1. Happy Birthday Fatkid22jp!

  2. Happy Birthday Fatkid22jp!

  3. Stock mate. What sort of prices should I be looking at if that's the case?
  4. Hey guys, So recently I had a slight whizzing noise almost like spooling up but throughout the whole rev range, When I realised it was bearings of some sort it was too late, turns out it was the turbo. Im not very good with cars but managed to take off heat shield etc to get a better look, when you spin the blades at the front with your finger its clunks and bangs around the sides, blades seem to be chipped slightly, after the noise it made I'm not game to start it. Pretty sure I've done the bearings and pretty much Stuffed the turbo? yes/no? WHAT TO DO? NEW TURBO? rebuild that one? I'm in geelong does anyone know where I should take it? Any help would be much appreciated..I just want it back on the road and hopefully not cost thousands.
  5. FORD FPV Typhoon Rspec
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    Spooling Sound

    senna_t- Did I mention that it boost's sometimes, today the oil pressure gauge was going all the way to the left, Then all the way to the right. All this whilst still making the loud vacuum noise. Turn the car off, Drive again, Maybe it doesn't do it as bad. Turn car off, Drive again- Might do it heaps. Since this has been happening more often the last few days I have tried not to drive it. Until I can find out what the hell is going on. In saying that do you still think its what you mentioned above about the pipe not being seated properly? Posted 23 January 2014 - 05:28 PM My suggestion is to learn how to write with paragraphs. This will either fix the problem or allow someone to easily read what you've written and suggest a solution. You, ms700, Ralph Wiggum and 1 other like this Unlike BF2 XR6T Ute 6spd Manual 286.5rwkillerwasps with abo As for the paragraphing and lack of Grammer etc. Hope this meets your approval. ;-)
  7. Fatkid22jp

    Spooling Sound

    Ok, So im new, have got a bf, series 2 f6 typhoon rspec and as orginally posted this gentlemen mentions the vacuum noise etc. Now I have a wastegate and ive had my car long enough and driven it enough to know what noises it should and shouldn't make and as much as I kinda like this over the top MASSIVE DYSON vacuum that's creeped under the left side of my bonnet its not right at all, but with mine comes my oil pressure gauge going all the way to the right even not accelerating it will stay on 5 if the issue decided to be real bad, followed by sometimes not boosting. The unfortunate part is when I first took it the mechanics it did it sweet f.a. of course, then as I left out comes that creepy darth vader on a loud speaker. Something definately isn't right I did what I thought was a computer reset but as I have read above I didn't do it correctly which I will attempt now . Surely someone can help ive since been to the mechanics twice and they are telling me its meant to be like that. Help please.
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