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  1. Fg plasaman 800hp copy

    That pic of the internals of the copy cooler shows that its using 'extruded' tube and fin core. Plaz do not use this style of tube in their cores. Extruded tube and fin typically does not have enough surface area to transfer adequate amounts of heat. I'd stay away from that cooler. plaz use fin which looks the same as the fin you see in a bar and plate cooler, but without the heavy bar and plate construction.
  2. Hot/cold Boost Pressure Difference

    Thanks for the reply, what sort of compensation would you guys generally work with? Does a 3 psi swing over a 15 deg temp change sound normal? 17 psi @ 15 deg, 14 psi @ 30 deg
  3. Hot/cold Boost Pressure Difference

    Thanks, it sounds to me like air temp compensation tables that drive solenoid duty cycles? Probably a question for the tuner
  4. Hot/cold Boost Pressure Difference

    It defiantly seems like safety built into the tune as the compressor efficiency seems to change predictably with temp, I'm not sure what else could cause this. Also, Is a 4 psi pressure drop across the system a typical result? 2.5 hot side, plaz1000, 3" cold side into std plenum
  5. Hi, Ive been logging some boost pressures at different ambient temps, also I hooked up a second boost gauge on the wastegate line out of the turbo to see the pressure drop accros the whole system. 14 psi Manifold, 18 psi Turbo @ 30 deg C 16 psi Manifold, 20 psi Turbo @ 20 deg C (tune was done at this temp, 340 rwkw) 17 psi Manifold, 21 psi Turbo @ 15 deg C Are other people seeing these sorts of numbers?
  6. from winter to summer you will probably lose 2-3 psi due to a 20 deg air temp swing, so your 330rwkw car will only have 300rwkw and feel laggy! on a cold night I make 18psi and the car revs out QUICK! but on a warm day ill have 15-16psi at best, and car the feels sluggish, not too much you can do about that... in real world driving on the street, a cooler that is heavy and cant recover from heat soak will compound the problem in summer... if there was no gain from the cooler change, maybe your inlet temps are under the ecu timing thresholds...
  7. Fg Capa Intercooler

    That's what we all said when we 1st bought these cars, then you want more! you need new pipe work any way, get the complete kit and do it right the 1st time, it will save you thousands! There are decent kits between $1200 and $1500
  8. cant argue with those numbers, but a true comparison would be with the 1800HP cooler which has the same size core as the PW3, not the 1000HP which has a 75mm core. its like saying my dump truck can move more dirt than your ute. I plan on taking the car out to wakefeild park for a bit of fun, this is a major reason I went with the plaz cooler, recovery is important and I didnt want the fun to fade after half a lap when the cooler is heat soaked.
  9. Exhausting Options

    I have the xforce twin 2.5 quiet version which has the bigger mufflers, nice note and noticable at idle, but with the windows up I can't tell there is a cat back fitted. Fitted it myself but needed a "massage" from an exhaust shop which cost me $40 EM-F8-OR and EM-F8-OC are the part numbers, I doubt you can get quieter than this. I actually bought this system by mistake, I wanted the louder version but couldn't be bothered changing it! I think it's too quiet, but probably what your after
  10. thanks ratter, yeah trying not to mislead with meanlingless scraps of data On that point, my list of mods are 4" dump hi flow cat twin 2.5 cat back 1000Hp Plaz cooler 3" cold side pipes 2.5" hot side pipes 4" intake ported wast gate 12psi actuator 60Lb injectors walbro in tank pump mal wood option 3+ sorry should have explained it a bit better, I had 4" dump and hiflow cat into the stock cat back which choked power at 300 kw. the car wasnt really reacting to extra boost over 12psi
  11. Hi All, So the background is previously had the HDI-X01 100mm core bar and plate cooler. It cooled very well untill but it reached a point where it started to struggle at 14psi. At only 210mm tall is just didnt have the volume to support more power! It did really well on the dyno with only moderate temp gains, but in stop start driving it would suffer from heat soak and couldnt recover till the car was cruising for a few mins. So after speaking to alot of people, and reading MANY threads in here, I decided on the Plazmaman 1000Hp cooler for my BF. Many thanks to alex for his advice. Fitment was easy enough, front bar had already been trimmed for the HDI and no extra cutting was required, everything lined up with no surprises apart from having to relocate the horns which was no big deal, cooler looks horn! very happy at this stage! Yesterday I took the car into CMS for a tune. I drove in with 310rwkw @ 15psi, I replaced the stock cat back with a twin 2.5 xforce, added the 1000 Hp cooler, and drove out with 341rwkw and 995nm of toque at 17psi on 98ron. Car feels awsome! Anyone who thinks the stock cat back is not a restriction at 300kw is dreaming. Inlet temps have been talk of the town on here so I thought id post up the temps from my run. I was slightly nervous about how the cooler would perform after reading all the comments floating around this site, but was happily surpised with the reults, some comments on here are seriously skewed to favour certain suppliers. Ambient was 21 deg, and IATs normalsied at a high of 27degress between 5700 and 6500 rpm, with minimal change in temps untill 5000 rpm where it rose by 4 degrees. Cheers
  12. Pics Of Intercooler Internals

    Any process west pics out there? Pretty sure it will look the same as the HDI core in one of the previous posts, but would be interesting to see.
  13. Pics Of Intercooler Internals

    Massive difference in Internal surface area compared to the hypertune or plazmaman cores which use the thin offset style fins
  14. Pics Of Intercooler Internals

    And possibly a pic of the pwr internals?
  15. Pics Of Intercooler Internals

    Love the lead ins to the tube entries! What size core is that?

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