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  1. Am currently tuning my own car and was wondering if anyone could help me out / point me in the right direction in regards to ZF tuning. Have got all the engine tuning sorted out (HP Academy was very helpful for bulk knowledge gain in short amount of time !) I've started by flashing the FGX sprint ZF tune. From that I have raised the line pressures by that of 10%. Also have reduced slip time by 20% and added a little extra torque reduction in the high load sections. Anyone able to chime in (or PM me) if this seems like a reasonable or bad approach, or what you would suggest? I can’t find any example ZF tunes online so would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  2. My mate made 430rwkw on E85 on the exact same turbo as me. Made 450 before they detuned it down to 430. Highflow 61mm wheel. Getting my car tuned later this week so keen to see what I make on 98.
  3. Okay just an update. I now have my hands on an XForce 4" turbo back SS system. 4" dump, 5" cat, 4" catback to big single 4" tip after the rear muffler. I also have dropped my FG F6 Turbo (GT3582R) off to get highflowed with a billet 61mm wheel while retaining the factory .50 AR. Hopefully this nets me 380rwkw or so I guess we'll see once I get the car retuned
  4. Not really sure where to post. To cut it short I have a GT3582 (FG F6 turbo) which I have ready to bolt onto my car. I was wondering if I should upgrade the compressor wheel or highflow the turbo to chase for that extra bit of power. I have been told that highflow'd turbos do not like back pressure and I plan on leaving my car with a stock catback (will have flapper mod and 4" dump etc) and in so was wondering if that would hurt the relibility or durability of the turbo. For details sake I have the following modifications on my FG MK2 XR6T: - Turbo side intake & battery relo - Process West Stage 2 Intercooler - 1000cc injectors - Walbro 460 Intank - 4" dump and cat (to be fitted currently have Venom bolt-in cat) - Flapper mod on rear housing - Valve springs - 12 psi actuator (to be fitted once the F6 turbo is fitted) I was chasing more of the 400rwkw (do not want to do head studs to my car). Otherwise I would be sort of happy having 360rwkw on the stock fg f6 turbo.
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