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  1. Happy Birthday Seany!

  2. Happy Birthday Seany!

  3. Happy Birthday Seany!

  4. ok guys I have a problem im hoping you can help me with, when I reach about 70kmh my steering whells starts shaking and anything past 85kmh it shakes like crazy and feels like the wheels are about to fall off. Ive had the wheels balanced and theres no play in the wheels bearings or anything any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. hey guys just a quick question, dose anyone know the correct fuel pressure for ba xr6 turbos?
  6. Seany

    Ba Brake Upgrade

    gday guys just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for better brakes for a ba xr6t? thanks alot
  7. Seany

    Brake Squeal Help!

    try roughing up the pads with some sand paper and putting some anti-seize on the back of the pads where the pistons and caliper touch, hope it helps
  8. yeah definatly trans fluid, and yeah its dripping off the bottom of the bellhousing, thanks alot for the help guys gna get it looked at sometime this week gna get diff bushes done while im at it
  9. gday guys I have a 2004 ba xr6t and today when I had a lookg under the car I noticed that that bellhousing has abit of trans oil around it, can anyone shed some light on what it could be and if its a common problem with the ba's?
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