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  1. Happy Birthday timmy t!

  2. Happy Birthday timmy t!

  3. Happy Birthday timmy t!

  4. WAW Ver2

    I have tried but they are never on when I am home. As I do 4 weeks on 1 week off. Would love to one day though.
  5. Fg Turbo Current Top 50

    Put me in please 10.98 @ 131 mph WA Tim T/monsta torque A6 fg xr6 turbo
  6. WAW Ver2

    not bad for a car with a full comp stereo
  7. Finally Made It Into The 400Rwkw Club

    E85 tune, monsta torque spec turbo, monsta torque stage 3 plus package with 4' x force exhaust.
  8. Finally Made It Into The 400Rwkw Club

    471 and counting. Thanks to Rob at Monsta Torque.Was a 38 degree day as well.
  9. WAW Ver2

    Anybody going to WAW tonight? I'm heading down.
  10. Sub And Amp Install In Boot

    thanks mate will see what it on now and change it
  11. Sub And Amp Install In Boot

    Yes most of it was labour as I supplied the parts. No more room for the spare tire. I fitted a optima battery in the boot as well Hey xrsext, did the audison clean up the hiss that all fg have with a aftermarket amps.
  12. Sounds similar. It's a bit stiffer than factory on the softest setting. I think ride height might affect this too. When I change my exhaust at some stage I'm going to lower it abit more.
  13. Sub And Amp Install In Boot

    Haha, haven't used the boot for a long time. Total cost for boot alone was $7000. Photo doesn't do it justice, you have to see it. I'm running an audison bit one. Huge improvement over factory. Have to run it in first then get it re tuned. It pumps hard.

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