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  1. Happy Birthday berry!

  2. Happy Birthday berry!

  3. Happy Birthday berry!

  4. AIR 13/4/13 r/t .425 60ft 2.147 660ft 8.390/89.54 1320ft 12.803/114.21.03 BA xr6t auto injectors 42lb,3"single exhaust(too small) CAPA replacement I/cooler,12lb actuator,new valve springs,SCT flash tuner tuned by Heinrich.290 rwkw
  5. 12.65 @ 113Mph Stock!

    I ran my BA auto at AIR 2 wks ago in the street car bracket.5 passes besting with 12.803/114mph.All other passes were ruined by engine misfire @ top of 2nd gear and a lousy 60ft between 2.0 and 2.2.Once into 3rd it flew.Wish I could say stock,but not so-42lb injectors,CAPA intercooler (stock replacement),3"single exhaust (too small),flash tuner & dynoed by Heinrich @ 290rwkw..You've done a great job 12.6 I wish!congrats
  6. Crow Valve Springs

    Bruce Heinrich installed my Crows for $850 this week.
  7. Air Street Meets

    Looks like a trip to Heathcote to try out my latest mods.On Bruce's dyno as we speak.More to come..
  8. My Andra Battle.

    I'd sure like to run in the 10's-$9000 for a BA? Sounds good to me so here we go!No friggin cage though...Probably won't matter anyway because AIR looks like failing.
  9. Air Street Meets

    so the 17th mar street meet is all over because of 28 entries.that's pathetic!
  10. Air Street Meets

    Hope the vine of grapes is wrong...looks like regional tracks will be doing ok then.
  11. As we should know,there's a street meet on Mar 17.I'll be there with my BA Turbo.How many others?We need to support Rino otherwise once again we will have no drag racing in Adelaide...
  12. Quickest Factory Turbo Falcon

    As far as I"m concerned,stock means as you buy it off the showroom floor!Not ported turbo,not et radials,pump fuel not e85,just 98 ron.NO CHANGES FROM STANDARD.Interested to hear comments...
  13. 1/8 Mile Ets

    According to Bruce,turbo boost is 11psi,but can be increased to 15psi once better valve springs fitted.Track was marginal however,only dragged but not fully prepped.I was caught between going up in smoke off the line or stroking it and lighting up the tyres in 2nd gear.Is 88mph terminal speed good?
  14. 1/8 Mile Ets

    Yeah,auto.Thanx will add stally to the list of next projects.It is pretty sluggish of the line.
  15. 1/8 Mile Ets

    Thanks man,haven't seen the AIR calendar as yet,looking fwd to running 1/4 after all these years

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