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  1. Cheers Puffwagon, that's it, rocker cover vent air hose. Thanks
  2. Hi folks, Just popped the bonnet on my 2003 BA XR6T and noticed this small line from the engine to the turbo lines has melted where it attaches to the engine nipple. I'm guessing it's a sensor line or a breather of some type? Could someone please ID it for me so I can order a replacement online thanks? Have taped it up for the time being, I guess it would not like having a big hole in it lol. Why would it have melted like that? Cheers for any help.
  3. No, good tip to clean the battery terminals though, and I'll check the connection to the starter when I get back to the car in a few weeks, Thanks for that
  4. Thanks for the tip 4321, I'll give it a go when I'm next back to the car. I'm back at the farm now packing my bags for 10 days in the Hawaiian Islands, so will get back into the detective work when I return in a few weeks...
  5. hmmm, so maybe it is related to the ECU, though that was overhauled by Injectronics around 12 months ago. The car's never been flashed though.
  6. OK, just tried that too. One big click on the first try, then the engine fires OK on the second turn.
  7. I tried it both ways (the first time with the negative for the jumper on the chassis, and the second time with the negative for the jumper connected to the negative of the car battery). Same result each time.
  8. Update - I've now been back to the Falcon twice, both times I connected a fully-charged battery jump starter to the car battery before turning the ignition on. Both times I get the click-clack at least twice before the engine fires up properly. After a good run or so, the car restarts fine without any of the click-clack rubbish. So it doesn't appear to be battery-related. Any other tips on where to look for a solution?
  9. Yep I do have one of those battery packs and I'm heading down to the falcon this weekend after 3 weeks away, so I will give that a go as you suggest. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Thanks for the reply k31th, I'll try a new battery in it and update the thread once its in
  11. Morning, folks. I have an original auto BAXR6T (owned since new, in fact I joined this forum early 2003 when I bought it, just a handful of members then haha). Anyway, the thing is quite temperamental to start. She's not a daily driver, but once warmed up the issue doesn't appear. I'll come to the car after a week or two away, maybe as a little as a day or two away, turn the key and just get a click-clack relay (the fuel pump primes fine, battery power seems good). Sometimes the car will fire up fine on the next try, sometimes, it will just do the old click-clak several times then fire up fine
  12. Jeez I haven't been round much since joining in January 2003 when I bought my BA XR6T, but I still have my original baby and she's done under 150,000K. Copped some damage from a roo hit near Braidwood a few months back, but good as new now on the road again after some tender panel work....
  13. Check turbo hose for splits...
  14. Hmmm, I'll check that out. Funny thing was it seemed to all be working OK again this morning, maybe the bugger just got stuck or something. Will check the fuses though and HIM as you suggest ebxmple.... cheers
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