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  1. Happy Birthday BennoG6ETURBO!

  2. Had round 2 last week... Old mate in his Bogan special ute now has full exhaust (4 into 1's, high flow cats, Varex mufflers), OTR with a MAF less tune. As well as diff gears (3.4's). Much closer, but still got him by 0.13 of a second and about 5km/h... with the child seat seat in. No mods at all, just 10k more on the ODO, stinking hot day at about 32. Best time was 24.30 @ 215km/h.
  3. Happy Birthday BennoG6ETURBO!

  4. This is "Edge". Very subtle. Blue, sometimes Grey, sometimes Black... Always with a strong metallic fleck... Wasn't my choice (couldn't say no to the price). Looks amazing after a coat of good quality wax, like you could dive into the paint...
  5. The rules say tyres must be street legal... Saying that, there were a few with ET Streets and Toyo R888's! It would have been nice if the photographer waited another second or two so you could see some 11's behind me! He took the photo the instant I took off. Not sure why it looks like I'm staring at the shifter!...
  6. 1 GTS was a manual not sure about the other, mates tuned Bogan special is auto. Came 5th in my class. Corvette, Zonda, Lambo and 427 HSV got me.
  7. Surface was pretty good, still lit them up a little but nothing excessive. By the time I got off the hot mix I was well in 2nd and the Nittos held fairly well.
  8. Hot as hell and windy (cross wind)! BOM say's it got to 29, car said 31, felt like 34 standing in the pit surrounded by asphalt! Got 5 runs.
  9. Had my run today... Dead stock with full tank of fuel, spare and tools on board I ran back to back 24.3s @ 216kmh! Much quicker than what I hoped for out of the family limo... Smoked my mate in his modified Bogan special ute who ran 24.9, and a VE GTS "325" who ran 25.2! Plus I am still waiting on the time for the final run where I dropped spare etc.and nailed the launch but was down 3-4kmh due to wind (supposed to be emailed to me tonight as we had to leave early). G6ET is currently quickest in the 1E class although tomorrow the Zonda, Lambo and Corvette that are also in 1E might change that! Stoked.
  10. With the fuse pulled and it still running, makes me think you have a "foreign battery" fault (meaning the indicator circuit is getting power from somewhere it shouldn't). Like Wenier said, a good place to start would be trailer plug or other electrical mods... A good auto elec should sort you out in no time.
  11. Ha ha, I didn't realise you were that much down on power... Good to hear it is all sorted now.
  12. Ha, I'd rather be driving a G6ET running on cheap vodka than a Hilux! Do they still make Nulon 104? it used to work a treat in my 13BT... By the way, car looks tops, paint looks great.
  13. I'd say that would be a big contributing factor... They don't like 91 at all... Try some 95 (I assume you can't get 98?) and see if it responds, otherwise there may be another issue. The ECU may take a little time to give you more ignition timing if it has been run on 91 for a while (up to half a tank). Don't take my word as gospel as I am no expert and I am only talking from experience. Edit: It will run smooth on 91 as the ECU retards (winds back) the ignition timing to compensate for the lower octane rating. That's why your turbo is still spooling up but your ignition timing is preventing your engine doing any thing useful with the boost. Keep me posted after you try some decent fuel (have they got octane booster over there?). Bula.
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