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  1. I’m in the process of selling it, so trying to get rwc, etc. Not ideal timing [emoji23] Thanks for your help anyway
  2. Yeah that’s what I was hoping to avoid Ahh well...
  3. Potential relay issue? Or more like a single wiring issue? I’ve since discovered the rear drivers window will wind down from all switches, but only up from the master switch, not the single door switch Wiring problems are a little over my head
  4. Hey guys So I’ve got a Ford territory daily driver at the moment and there’s an issue with the passenger side window which I’m struggling to diagnose. The window is currently fully up, When you hit either up or down on the switch from either drivers door switch or passenger door switch you can hear the window motor work when it tries to wind up, but not a sound when you try to wind the window down. I thought it may have been the motor so Grabbed one from the wreckers, same problem. I then bought a new window assembly with motor and regulator, removed the old assembly and chucked the new on
  5. Cheers guys I thought I was correct the first time, but Turns out my boost gauge is faulty anyway so gotta wait for a newy now, ahh well
  6. Hey guys Just a quick one on where to get a vacuum source for my boost gauge. I originally had the boost gauge connected in here to this bung circled in green. I just had the car tuned last weekend and I noticed the tuner disconnected the boost gauge line (red arrow) and reinstalled that tee fitting and left an open end with that short piece of vacuum hose to the left. If I join the open ended hose to the boost gauge hose will the gauge read correctly? All it needs is manifold pressure is that correct? Cheers guys
  7. I also broke the Ariel wire at the bottom of the unit .......whoopsie Having a stinker
  8. Had the battery on charge for 2 days
  9. Hey guys So I’ve installed a couple of gauges over the weekend. Removed the ICC nice and easily, gained power from an accessories 12v source on the loom that powers the ICC (part of the headlight switch fuse) and earthed off the metal frame behind the ICC. Gauges light up and work fine, but when I re-installed the ICC the system comms fault flashes up on the dash and the screen lights up with the ‘Ford’ logo, then it goes blank. No radio or heater/aircon, but the lights still flick on with the headlights. The car has previously had its origin ICC stolen and the unit in it is a replacement.
  10. Hey guys Got a quick question regarding an adapter for a mechanical oil pressure gauge I’ve got an auto meter mechanical oil pressure gauge to install (with copper lines), I just need advice on what adapter to use Is this the right adapter for the mechanical gauge or is this only applicable to the electrical oil pressure gauge, or good for both? Cheers guys
  11. Hey all So just before lockdown 2.0 I did all this work to my car before the booking I had at the tuners the following week. That got postponed as expected so the car has been basically sitting in my garage for the last 8 weeks. Ive driven it to and from the shops a couple of times to keep it fresh but haven’t and won’t hit boost or drive it hard at all until it’s tuned properly. What I did notice though is that it rev hangs a lot more than before the mods, which is made much more noticeable with the 4 inch exhaust My question is, when it gets tuned, will that be/can that be tuned out? It
  12. Hey guys Quick one for the wizards in here I’ve got a 4 inch exhaust to install on my car (fg mkII) tomorrow....is it possible to install the rear section over the subframe without having to drop the subframe at all? It’s an ultrex system if that helps Cheers all Dan...
  13. Hey gents I’ve been lurking around these forums for a while now so I thought I’d finally get involved! I’ve recently picked up a 2013 fg mkII xr6 turbo with a 6 speed in ‘swift’ green, which I have to say, seems to be quite a rare colour. She’s done 73,000km’s and I bought it basically sight unseen from a dealer in Perth and shipped it over (I’m in melbs) I’ve had a fair few cars now, some good and some not, and I can say this is the equal best car I’ve owned already. I’ve already ordered/received some go fast buts for the car so I’m sure I’ll be asking heaps from the experienced guys on h
  14. If I deleted the cat and got a y-piece from extractors back would The xr6t exhaust give me better quality sound? I really don't like how the outlet of the standard Xt exhaust looks, I'd much rather make the Xr exhaust tip work somehow
  15. Hey all, Im after a slightly upgraded exhaust system for my Fairmont, not after too much power gains Is it worth picking up an xr6 turbo exhaust and bolting that on or will it be too much of a pain in the ass? Cheers guys, Dan...
  16. Hey all As the title states, I'm after a comparison between a ba/bf falcon xr6 and an xr6 turbo I'm in the market for a new car, these are a couple of my favourite options, I would love an xr6 turbo, but I'm worried that most xr6's have been flogged in their lives, an xr6 seems like a safer option, but I just can't seem to stop wanting a turbo I guess I'm just after a 'pro and con' type deal from those that own either one Cheers guys Dan...
  17. Hey guys Ive just bought an alloy tray from a wrecked fg for my au ute I used to dislike how all trays looked on utes, but my needs and tastes have changed since I bought a ute for work, and as a result I now own one. but im not a fan of how high the standard trays sit on all utes. one of my mates brothers cut his mounts to lower where the tray sits on his au and he says its easy, but I want some more know how from guys that may have done it before I dont have the tray yet, and I have very little time to screw around between swapping the tub to tray, so I would like to know exactly wat im doin
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