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  1. Anyone have ba bf front springs and read leaf springs? Wanna swap mines to low peddlers front and not sure about the back but it's pretty low19inch and sits on top of the tyre live in western suburbs pm me
  2. It was oil and found out what was leaking it was power steering oil cause of full locks to park and just started leakibg
  3. Engine oil line is ok and power steering oil looks good too the only colour oil I know I could be is engine oil and power steering oil that it but I'll have to get it to a machanic ASAP to actually find out what it is
  4. Still haven't changed the oil yet its 120000k and my tuner said I didn't need to change oils plus it wouldn't be that clean? Or maybe power steering oil?
  5. Not sure what this is wondering if it's transmission oil or engine oil and just wondering where and how do I check the transmission oil fluids thanks
  6. Just wondering what's better for the ute a 4inch dump single exhaust or a 4inch dump with twin exhaust thanks
  7. Lol think my old corolla 20 valve would maybe run 16 seconds lol and my f6 would maybe run 13s I hope lol don't think I own a rocket mayby a boat lol
  8. I would like to meet all the other xr6t guys too but most xr6t car we seen seem like they didn't wanna pull over for a chat lol just we got princess to have a chat and share opinions or the cars basically hahahah like the cruises this forum puts up and had my f6 for 3 years and keen to meet the other xr6t out there
  9. Seen quiet abit xr6 turbos cruising
  10. Gonna go for a cruise down to princess anyone out that way going for a cruise? Where to meet? I'm from western suburbs
  11. Want to try pit lane but it's pretty far but mocks helped me heaps of times on xr6 turbo forum
  12. Hi have Fpv f6 tornado ute and new help with brake part numbers I have brembo at the front and just painter red brakes on the rear thanks you bendix ultimate of qfm hpx thanks
  13. Think ill have to take it back to see dion his looked after me plenty of times and knows what his doing
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