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  1. I have the exact same injectors (as above), which are Bosch and standard for the FG Mk2 turbo. The loud ticking/clicking is incredibly annoying. Can anyone suggest a replacement injector that is quieter? Are Siemens (or any other brand) any quieter?
  2. Ford FG MK1 MK2 Touchscreen Navigation Android ICC Radio Upgrade I just stumbled across this potential upgrade. Has anyone had this installed or know anything about how well it performs?
  3. I guess, but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and for the price of one extra tyre I would likely keep them uniform. My current tyres still have heaps of tread (spare is unused), so I'm sure I could get as few dollars for them...
  4. Handy calculator. Another consideration the calculator has helped me think about, is that any new tyres I buy would need to be able to fit into the spare tyre cavity in the boot. Currently I have about an extra 3.5cm of room. This will obviously limit any ability to increase the profile. I will probably only go up to 245/40 19" tyres when the time comes.
  5. Thanks PTR_NITRO_FG, some good info there. I will be sure to Google that machine you mentioned as I prefer to have any repairs done right, and not just some guy with a blow torch and a hammer like some YouTube videos I've watched :-) If really damaged, it would be on the inside edge, as the outside edge are pristine as when it rolled off the production line - not a scratch. The Bridgestone guy said 3 wheels were very minor and the fourth one was worse. I know the spare is brand new as in never been out of the boot. I might try swapping that out with the bad wheel for starters. (I will have to swap the tyre on the spare as the spare has the original "Bridgestone tyre unlike the ones on the car now which are Goodyear. If I did go up a profile or two I'd be certain to have the speedo adjusted. It's due for it 50,000 in the next couple of months. I might aim at having this all done by then and have Ford do the adjustment. Thanks again. Sixman. We think alike. I think that may the way to start and see how it goes. Certainly the cheaper option. As I just mentioned in my previous post my spare wheel has never been out of the boot. If that turns out deformed I'll be having words with Ford :-P Definitely worth having the speedo adjusted. I've heard speedos can be out heaps straight out of the factory (that info is from back in 80s, so maybe more modern cars are better these days).
  6. Oh yeah I'm with you on that score, no chance I'll be buying OEM wheels in this life time. I will start looking around for places that repair wheels (that have the proper machines for doing so). They all seem to be in the eastern suburbs. I live in Western Sydney.
  7. Thanks hawlass. That was one of the most the funniest and most informative videos I watched in ages! I wont be paying for nitrogen again. Just shared it on Facebook :-)
  8. You may be right about nitrogen. I compare it to years ago when everyone drank tap water and didn't have a problem with it. Now everyone has been brain washed by clever sales people into drinking bottled water.
  9. k31th. Yeah I could be entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the longer lurker. It took me a while to get around to buying my turbo. Hopefully I'll move a little faster now that I have it. :-P Off the top of his head the guy at Bridgestone said new OEM Ford wheels would cost well in excess of $500 each - Ouch! He also said repair varies but would probably be around $200 per wheel. I don't have any proper quotes. I asked him about aftermarket wheels and unbelievably (considering where he works) told me after market wheels are weaker then OEM wheels. He said if he was me, he would have them repaired. My current wheels (although technically buckled) are not that bad. I am guessing any buckling would be very minor; it's just now that I know about it, it is annoying as I constantly feel for it. For ultra low profile tyres the ride is pretty good, but if it can be improved and the wheels protected a little more, I'd rather swap my tyres out for a higher profile.
  10. Oops, just thought of another couple of questions. Any recommendations as to where to have the wheels repaired/costs etc? Any recommendations as to replacement tyres that are low noise and offer excellent ride quality? Thanks again.
  11. Hi, I bought a 2013 Ford Falcon FG2 XR6 Turbo Sedan about 6 weeks ago. It's my first XR6 Turbo and I love the vehicle, but it has an issue. The vehicle has 245/35 19" tyres, which are standard. After noticing vibration on the motorway I had the wheels re-balanced, a wheel alignment and tyres re-inflated with nitrogen. When I collected the vehicle, the tyre guy informed me that all for wheels were buckled, 3 very slightly and one worse then others. I have done a little Googling and believe the damage (buckling) would likely have been caused from the ultra-low profile tyres offering very little protection to the wheels as they hit pots holes or whatever. Questions Can I replace my tyres with higher profile ones to offer more protection to the wheels? How high can I go before running into legal, warranty, mechanical, performance or other issues? Will going from for example a 35 profile up to a 45 profile make much difference to ride quality? Thanks heaps in advance for taking the time to read my post. Pics of my car... https://goo.gl/photos/Q3GMEuFQ4bgbUFC28

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