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  1. Happy Birthday Mike_800!

  2. Happy Birthday Mike_800!

  3. Happy Birthday Mike_800!

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  5. Happy Birthday Mike_800!

  6. yeah over a period of time whatever money I got I will put into it? how quick would a modded xrt manual be compared to other performance cars?
  7. so is it fair to say that an fg xrt in the 6 spd man is both quicker than a ba and bf phoon in a 6 man?
  8. I Want to enjoy a true sports car I want to rev out the gears I want the car pull me back in my seat I was going to buy a ba phoon but heard that the fg had more speed
  9. I have been looking in the market for an fg xr6 turbo But I am stuck between a decision on wether to buy an auto or manual My current car is an automatic and am craving some manual control. I wanted to ask a couple of questions about the fg manuals and autos 1. do the manual fg xrt drivers get tierd of changing gears, and how smooth are the gear changes? 2. do the auto fg xrt drivers get bored of the auto? 3. does the fg turbo in the auto or man make as nice of a sound as the bf models?
  10. Man that is a very good price I have only been looking on carsales and nothing that good I just think I will get bored of auto
  11. cheers mate I'm thinking of buying 1. fg xrt 2. bf xrt- with money to spend on mods 3. ba phoon 4. bf phoon which one would be a good choice with 26 grand to spend, a nice fun and quick manual car?
  12. How much difference is there between a ba phoon and a bf in a manual? what are the best stock times down the 1/4 mile that anyone has got in a manual in both?
  13. haha that's classic I duno man hardest decision I'v ever had to make I love the look of the fg and hate how small the sti is but I think the drive will be better in the sti
  14. Thanks champ I want to keep it stock for a year, and then do some mods but I defs don't want an auto I have looked on carsales and on other websites 08 fg's from 25-27k or I was thinking about a buying a bf for about 20 and smashing a couple of grand into that I was going to by a typhoon bf until I read this wikipedia leBarra 270T FGThe figures for the revised turbo engine for the FG XR6 Turbo mimics the old FPV turbo I6, however this is an incorrect assumption and the motors are not the same. Firstly there is a redesigned low profile intake plenum, as opposed to the circa 1994 Broadband Manifold intake which originated in the EF Falcon. The engine employs a new turbocharger and intercooler in conjunction with the Barra 195s updates. The result is that the FG XR6 Turbo is actually faster than both FPV's BF Typhoon and the FG XR8. The FG XR6 Turbo uses a smaller turbo than the BA/BF XR6 Turbo so it can spool faster, make more usable power, and make less noise than the larger turbo. This engine also features a 53Nm overboost feature. The feature can engage depending on the driving style and when the accelerator pedal is fully pressed on to the floor can call the computer to overboost and add an additional 53Nm on top of the 533Nm making it a total of 586Nm of torque. Power: 270 kW (362 hp) @ 5250 rpm Torque: 533 N·m (393 lb·ft) @ 2000-4750 rpm
  15. cheers guys your a big help I'll narrow it down stock vs stock man vs man fg or sti I'v done sh*t loads of research and I'v heard the fg man will do atleast 14 and the sti will do 12 or under I havent driven them much so correct me if I'm wrong

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