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  1. Hey mate, I know it's 10 years later but did the GM Alloy CSC work on the Ford T56. I went to buy one for $70 and was told the GM CSC had a smaller bore hole and would not fit over the Ford input shaft so I bought the Mal Wood Ford Alloy CSC for $200.
  2. Hey, any T56 owners out there can tell me if the clutch line broke off or the CSC fitting broke off ??? Is there a braided clutch line available ??? It's an Xtreme HD Clutch and CrMo Flywheel kit with the CSC installed Nov 2017 with 20,000km on it.
  3. Cheers guys. Carmichael Ford in Townsville will only sell me the complete tailshaft for $1,700 and said the coupling is not available separately for the BA Turbo. I told him that the BA XR8 coupling was the same and he said that was $240 but not in stock. I was told it was made in Germany and then was told that Kelpro and Transgold were half the price and came out of the same SGF factory in Germany. I've been quoted $95 for the Mackay one but was told it was made in China. I'll try and source a Genuine one ?
  4. So no-one has replaced their tailshaft coupling at all or remember what brand they used ???
  5. Mackay DC6069 or Kelpro KDC1001 Which tailshaft coupling is better for a standard BA XR6 Turbo T56 ??? I was told Mackay was made in China and Kelpro made in Germany. Cheers
  6. 5 years later and I'm still confused over why Ford did not choose to stick with the 235/40/18 when it's diameter is effectively the same as a 235/45/17 thus no need to change the computer. I think it was a ploy to sell 245/40/18 tyres by Dunslop and make people pay extra $$$'s for a tyre size only Ford use. I suppose Ford and the girls think 1 cm extra makes a big difference lol. I think the VE did the same and uses 245/45/18 tyres. Anyway has anyone used the Achillies 123S street legal semi slicks before and will 265/35/18 fit on the FG Snowflake rims on a BA turbo sedan. Only ask cos they are dirt cheap for me. Cheers.
  7. Happy Birthday clevo400!

  8. OK. If I use the GM unit do I use a spacer/shim to get the correct height ??? Cheers.
  9. I'm in the same boat and "Yes" my mechanic is going to check the old csc hasn't leaked onto the clutch. If so then I will replace the clutch but it feels fine atm like yours. If the clutch slips later on then it's another $400 labour pulling it out again so I'll live with it and I'll put a CI twin plate clutch in. Did you get the alloy piston csc with earls line or the std plastic csc from Mal. I've also heard (actually been told) I can use the alloy csc from the err... VT-VZ. $100 Cheaper. Damn Holdens lol.
  10. Hey, has anyone installed the alloy piston CSC from the VT-VZ into their T56. I've heard genuine and aftermarket ones for the Fords have a plastic piston and not as strong or last as long as the alloy (err yuck) Expensive Daewoo units. Cheers. Oh I'm installing a CI RPM2293N and don't want the plastic one leaking on it in a few years or so.
  11. Happy Birthday clevo400!

  12. Happy Birthday clevo400!

  13. Hey, has anyone used the new 49187 and can comment on NVH etc. Says to remove the factory outer shell whereas the older 49159A fit into the factory outer shell. Also half the price so wondering if worthwhile or stick with the SuperPro Comfort option. Cheers.
  14. 2005 BA2 XR6T 6 speed manual with 99k on the clock - 34l of Shell 95 and I get 280km - 34l of Shell V-Power 98 and get 250km - All city driving trips (between 5km and 15km max) changing at 2500rpm using 5th gear at 64kph
  15. Ok so 15W-40 is recommended for my BA2 XR6T but my mechanic puts in Fuchs 10W-30 which is recommended for the BA2 XR6 N/A. He said I supposed to get better fuel economy. Is he on drugs or am I supposed to get better fuel economy. Std engine with 6 speed manual and get 280km out of 34 litres of Shell Premium 95.

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