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  1. wow im a BIG fan, I have a coffee cup saying on the side (How does a serial killer mask the taste of cyanide?)by the end of the drink at the bottom of the cup that you already have drank it says COFFEE!!!

  2. Does anybody know which plugs are better for my BA 04 XR6T? the Bosch F1-6 platinum iridium or the NGK iridium BKR6EIX? Should I just get the stock factory Ford plugs (AGSP22Z11)? Does anybody know which plugs will work the best in my BA XR6T 04??The bosch F1-6 platinum plugs have 4 prongs around the electrode so they do look different.I can also use the cheaper NGK plugs FR6EI-11 if there are better but I dont think so as the are very cheap.
  3. what plugs are you using at the moment? What would be better the Bosch F1-6 platinum iridium or the NGK BKR6EIX? I have a 04 BA xr6t mark 1. the bosch plugs have 4 prongs on the electrode?
  4. its a calibre 52mm boost pressure gauge, got it from Supercheap. m thinking about getting the ford boost gauge that fits ontop of the dash with the clock, I think its a twin pod mount to hold 2 gauges. I have the single clock gauge to install there but want a boost gauge also. I thought the power wire was for the boost gauge to work? The Calibre boost gauge I got has a white wire for 12v,black wire ground and orange wire dash lighting, the instructions say white wire 12v ignition switch,black wire vehicle ground and orange wire 12v dash lighting.
  5. I live in Sale Vic, Where does the power wire go? thanks heaps so far looking good
  6. Can someone please xplain how to fully install a boost gauge in my XR6T? thankyou
  7. how did you go? Im wanting to install a boost guage I the same place.
  8. How is the boost gauge installed? Does it have wires behind it? The clock has a power wire, ground wire, dimmer wireand power for the lights wire should be in this order from top to bottom. The yellow/black wire is 12v power etc.
  9. I have 04 XR6T BA ute with no climate control but 6 stacker does anybody know what BEM is in it? Does it have the grey premium BEM? Can I plug the clock into it?Or is it the standard blue BEM I have?
  10. hi haveI hae a 6 stacker but no climate control does anybody know if I need to change the BEM to install the dash clock,which needs the premium BEM?or does my ICC already have the premium BEM
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