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Which Spark Plugs Are Better?

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Does anybody know which plugs are better for my BA 04 XR6T? the Bosch F1-6 platinum iridium or the NGK iridium BKR6EIX? Should I just get the stock factory Ford plugs (AGSP22Z11)? Does anybody know which plugs will work the best in my BA XR6T 04??The bosch F1-6 platinum plugs have 4 prongs around the electrode so they do look different.I can also use the cheaper NGK plugs FR6EI-11 if there are better but I dont think so as the are very cheap.

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The four electrode ones are really good in the sense that it gives it 4 options on where to jump the gap. You would find 4 electrode ones normally in aircraft engines, and many racing motoX bikes run 2 electrodes and the difference in the MX bike between 1 and 2 can be quite significant.

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I use the Ford factory ones in mine...but mines stock standard...from memory the ones I got for my BF were already pregapped at .80....actually the Motorcraft ones are made by Denso which is a Japanese company...from what I have heard Denso are used on allot of factory turbo cars like the WRX...

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At 19,000km's I changed my plugs to NGK IRIDIUMS Part Number FR6EI-11. I set them to .8mm.

Done now just on 38,000km's.

The first thing I noticed was the fuel consumption. The car uses about .5 to .6 litres less fuel per 100km's on the highway.

Got them from Ebay. Ford BA Falcon XR6T XR6 Turbo NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

Including postage about $13.56 per plug.

Item Description:

Set Of 6 New NGK Laser Iriduim Plugs To Suit Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo models 10/02 - 10/05 with the DOHC VCT Turbo Barra 240T motor. NGK Part Number FR6EI-11.

2002 Ford Falcon|2003 Ford Falcon|2004 Ford Falcon|2005 Ford Falcon|2002 Ford Territory|2003 Ford Territory|2004 Ford Territory|2005 Ford Territory|2006 Ford Territory|2007 Ford Territory|02 03 04 05 06

Fitment Notes:

Direct Replacement For Original Plugs

Modified or Tuned Motors May Require a Different Plug. These Are Recommended For A Standard Turbo Motor.

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Stock plugs are good, but I've been using the Autolite Brand from the US. Get them from Auto One for around $55 for 6. They are gapped at 1.1 (BA factory gap) but I just gap them down to 0.8.

Performance has been great and I can't see any down sides. If they are good enough for NASCAR, they are good enough for me!

It should be known though that depending on your tune and Kms driven, you should probably look at changing plugs more often than what you might think. For a highly tuned car, I would be changing at least every 12 months if the car is driven regularly - personally I change mine every 6 months, but that's probably because I'm a little pedantic!

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but apparently a well known tuner says this ;) 

On 28/04/2010 at 9:06 PM, ratter said:

regapping iridium or platinum plugs is not recommended at any time, you should purchase a plug with the correct gap


ridiculous arrogance to say you can just buy the exact right plug heat range etc and also at the right gap of 0.4mm (or whatever your tight tolerance might be) haha gapping plugs has been done for decades.

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They were working fine on e85 at 500 and completely farked at 550. So I'd say 500ish.


Edit: results will vary lol


There are reasons for not gapping plugs but if it boils down to "does it matter", the answer is no.

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Why not?
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