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  1. Back ground: a number of fundamental changes and revisions have had to be made to the Weapon X Performance XR6 Turbo coils to arrive at the product we have today. These changes are regarded by Weapon X and Taipan Motorsport as intellectual property and cannot be listed publicly. To clear this up for the members here: This product is not a Honda or Denso coil as has been claimed by Headsex, the weapon X coil holds a striking resemblance to the Honda / Denso style coils so we can well understand Headsex's confusion. Weapon X Performance holds a US patent for this product, which as common sense dictates would be without question or exception “imposable” if the Weapon X Performance coil was in fact just a Honda / Denso Coil or any other pencil style coil. Taipan Motorsport has the intention to become a sponsor of this forum as soon as our web site is finished. We will not engage in a public debate regarding the effectiveness of the Weapon X Performance coils for the XR6 Turbo. Any such debate at this time would not be appropriate. Also any such debate or comments made on this thread, without the manufacturer and research team that has worked on this project will only lead to miss information as it already has. Please note that fitting Honda / Denso coils to a XR6 Turbo vehicle as a member here has suggested is a very risky practice and theres a strong likely hood the result could be catastrophic failure of the engine ignition system under boost conditions at high rpm. Weapon X and Taipan Motorsport have worked very hard together to produce a safe and effective way to maintain a stronger ignition spark under high boost for these vehicles. To date our customer feedback has been outstanding. This product will be removed from ebay as soon as our web site is 100% finished. Again its not appropriate to continue commenting on this product by us at this time if you have any questions in regards to this product please contact us outside this forum until such time as we become sponsors. Thanks to the moderators of this forum for allowing me to make these remarks. Miranda.
  2. I feel its time to let the product do the talking.
  3. Hi, As the Australian rep for Weapon X Performance I would like to sponsor this forum. I do not require or wish for a forum area on this site just advertising. The Taipan web site will be up and running within 2 weeks. Please send me an advertising price schedule as soon as convenient. Thank you for your time. Taipan Motorsport
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