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  1. Happy Birthday LukeXR6Turbo!

  2. Happy Birthday LukeXR6Turbo!

  3. Happy Birthday LukeXR6Turbo!

  4. Happy Birthday LukeXR6Turbo!

  5. Happy Birthday LukeXR6Turbo!

  6. Yeah, mine isn't consistantly at 4000rpm. Anything from 4 to 4and a half. And not sure if its relevant, but the car only burnt a couple of tanks of fuel in the last 10 months. Then all of a sudden she's being held full noise again. Will check the sparkies too. Like you said Benji. Probably won't hurt to check out both. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks guys, Getting it looked at Friday, since we're leaning towards the coil problem. Had absolutely no drama's with this car so far, so not worried about spending a couple of $$$ on it. She's worth it! Thanks again
  8. Hi all I own a 2004 XR6Turbo, 2004 BA sedan in phantom. I have to say how impressed I am with the knowledge you guys have on the 6T, and how to really get them moving! I think the upgrade bug has bitten me hard already and I only found use guys a few days ago.Haha But firstly, I recently serviced my XR6T, changing the engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter (REPCO aftermarket) and the cars first power altering mod, a K&N air filter. Since then the car when being held on full throttle has a slight increase in power than beforehand building to 4000rpm, before a stutter in both power and engine note begins, continuing until either the auto changes gears or I back off the accelerator. I can get the the car to top revs without the stutter by gradually building revs. But where's the fun in that!? I'm hoping that one of you guys can let me know what I think will be a silly oversight of mine. Although I won't be to upset if someone says 42pound injectors and a stage 2 CAPA tune should level out the extra air the engine's sucking! Not likely OK. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks guys, Luke
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