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  1. Happy Birthday eddie!

  2. Happy Birthday eddie!

  3. Happy Birthday eddie!

  4. Happy Birthday eddie!

  5. Happy Birthday eddie!

  6. Hi all ive got a BA n/a xr6 ute and thinking about chuckin a xr6t motor just wanted to know what I would have to do for the conversion, etc ecu? wiring harness? thanks eddie
  7. condell park area give me a call on 0422624468 thanks eddie
  8. Hi, does anyone know if a 15inch rim would fit on the back of a XR6T ute ive got a pear of slicks 26/10.5/15 ive tried EL alloys which where no good would toyota or magna maybe fit or would I have to go custom? thanks eddie
  9. Hi All, ive got a T BA2 ute putting around 320kw is currently getting the 4speed auto rebuilt by al's mods to the box will be oil cooler and 2800 stall convertor I was just wondering if changing the diff ratios would be a good idea was thinking either 3.7 or 4.11s thanks eddie
  10. thanks for the input, yeah sounds like alot of work not sure what to do as I can pretty much get all the gear from the territory for free off my mate (write off) but sounds like there is alot involved as far as labor can anyone recommend anything should I just rebuild the 4spd???
  11. Hi, just wanted to know if anyone has come across this scenario I have a BA XR6T with a dodgy 4sd and I can get my hands on a complete 6spd auto kit but its out of a AWD 2007 non turbo ford Territory does anyone know if this will work and what parts I need? thanks eddie
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