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  1. Happy Birthday loop!

  2. Happy Birthday loop!

  3. Happy Birthday loop!

  4. loop

    Happy Birthday loop!

  5. loop

    Happy Birthday loop!

  6. loop

    Hrt/hsv Suspended!?

    I don't think much will come of all this as TEGA the investigating body is a joke. Allowing Mark Skaife to hold the possition of TEGA DIRECTOR makes the whole idea of having a unbiased governing body a pathetic joke. Bring back production car racing as the number one catagory I say.
  7. You can push your dealer for a better rate from Ford credit. The dealer and salesman get a cut so if you can get them to reduce by 1% or so its not bad finance. I was also told if you leave a small amount on your account until it reaches full term you will avoid early payout fees.
  8. loop

    Brake Noise

    It is my understanding that the handbrake shoes are prone to warping. It was sugested to me that if the handbrake is applied when the brakes are very hot they will most likely warp.
  9. loop

    Brake Noise

    Sounds like you have the standard Ford handbrake drag. Drop into your dealer and get them to back off the handbrake a little and all will be sweet.
  10. I paid $126 with oil. But the survice book sugests 18 minuts for them to rotate the wheels wich I thought was excessive at 70 bucks an hour, so I told them not to do the rotation. I took it to tyre joint and had it done for $8
  11. loop


    I got word back from my Ford serviceman today. After several phone calls to various people from Ford the service manager was told that tyres are covered by Ford Warranty. At the end of the day this was a good result, but it took a week and it should have taken five minutes. Its not good that I the customer has to be the one who educates the survice manager. Don't be fooled by Lazy or uninformed Dealerships when it comes to tyre claims.
  12. loop


    I noticed a split on one of my rear tyes It goes from one side of the tred to the other. Local Ford dealer didn't even look at it they told me to go and show the local tyre service. Tyre guy tells me it needs to be replaced. But if I have it replaced by Dunlop it is pro-rata replacement. So I went back to the Ford dealer and asked for it to be replaced as my warranty clearly states that tyre are covered for the warranty period. They seem to want to argue this point. I was just wanting to know if anyone else has had any luck with this type of claim?
  13. I was just looking at my wheel alignment report. Hand written reports are always a bit of a concern, too easy for them to write down whatever they like. I thought computerised wheel alignment machines gave a computer printout of before after and recomended range. Does anyone know what the specs. should be for toe in/out camber and caster. These numbers don't mean squat without the specs.
  14. I had my car serviced on Monday with no problems but the service manager sugested tha I needed a wheel alignment. Im heading to Tassie next week and the only place that could do the job was Bob Who? Took the car in yesterday and when I went to pick it up they told me they had a problem when doing the balance. They managed to damage one of my wheels. I insist they replace the wheel and they agree. :lol: A few minutes later the guy comes out and tells me there is onother problem, I have 3 bent rims.The only good one is the damaged one. He tells me I can heve the rims rolled for $80 to $100 each or I should consider buying a new set at my cost less trade in. I have never noticed any problems with vibration even at over 200 kph. I told him to put the bent wheels back on the car because I figure they just want to cover thier loss. When I finaly got my car I jumped in took of down the road and noticed my steering wheel is not strait. I'm not impressed. Ps: Anyone wanna buy a set of wheels....
  15. loop

    Tyre Pressuress

    I had been running cold pressures of 41 psi front and 39 psi in the rear but with the hotter weather the hot pressures went up to 47 front and 45 rear too much wheel spin with 45 in the rear so I have dropped it down 2 psi all round.
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