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    2007 Ford BF Mark II XR 6 Turbo 6 Speed Simi Auto DA JA VUE 20" CSA with 245 all round<br />classic cars currently have Shellby AC Cobra 302 Windsor 4 speed manual replica Blue with white stripes.<br />1996 Ford EF Fairmont auto <br />2000 Toyota Landcruiser ute <br />2003 Yamaha WR 450
  1. Happy Birthday MYXR!

  2. Happy Birthday MYXR!

  3. Happy Birthday MYXR!

  4. Happy Birthday MYXR!

  5. EF Fairmont with lowered diff gears and exhurst also drive ny work ute a landy and have a ac cobra replica just brought a 07 xr6t love that turbo I reckon it would give my cobra a run for it money but I cant drove both at once and bestuffed if il let anyone race me in one of my cars so I guess il never know
  6. Want to start upgrading performance and handling to my 07 bf xr6T and find out genarl information on the cars

  7. hey sorry completly differant question I need an answer to. dose having a aftermarket front mont intercooler void your cars factory warrenty, did the bf xr6t come out with one and if the warrenty is void should I get the ford dealers warrenty on a second hand 07 bf xr6t with intercooler and computer I have not seen this car in the raw only photos is there a bottun to turn the TC off and on :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY I AM THINKING OF PUTTING A DEPOSIT TOMOROW MORNING ON THIS CAR CHEERS
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