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  1. Happy Birthday Troy.lone!

  2. Happy Birthday Troy.lone!

  3. Happy Birthday Troy.lone!

  4. Happy Birthday Troy.lone!

  5. I changed the idler bearing and got the timing done, even treated it with the Fuel injection sytem...but doens't seem to work
  6. I recently brought 04 BA XR6 T 5-speed manual, which had 100K on board. On test drive car did alright, though it is my first turbo car, except the clutch felt hard. Since then I have done 100K service, changed every filter and oil in it. Clutch became normal and everything was going great. It has started a snag, the RPM on idling goes anywhere from 200 - 1500 and I can hear some engine noise like rattling of metal, and lately engine stops as trying to slow down. I got dyno-test done on it, results showed perfect air to fuel ration and no technical issues and was producing 279 HP at the wheels. I also took it to the other mechanic and said about the idling, they tested and said it is fine. I use BP Ultimate fuel all the time (98 Octane) Can anyone please suggest anything, is it normal for a turbo car or my car has got some serious issues. I love XR6 Turbo and want to keep it. Any help will be appreciated.
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