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  1. Happy Birthday Chloexr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday Chloexr6t!

  3. Happy Birthday Chloexr6t!

  4. Happy Birthday Chloexr6t!

  5. Thanks Guys. No I haven't had any problems with misfire so I will just leave them until or if it does. My boost doesn't spike at all full boost is about 14.5psi
  6. thanks the car has already been tuned to 348rwkw and is only running 14psi
  7. I am still running the same boost as standard. What gap have you guys changed too.
  8. Heys Guys After tuning my FG F6 should the spark plugs be re gapped
  9. Happy Birthday Chloexr6t!

  10. Thanks yeah I love the induction noise of the growler. No more mods planned at this stage, I also own a EF XR6 that's turboed and needs a bit of work so I want to try and get that finished now.
  11. Thanks yeah I couldn't be happier with his work
  12. Thanks yeah it goes pretty hard now. Matt from Hitman Tuning at Penrith tuned it, yeah I didn't have a choice to port the turbo he tried tuning it the week before and the car was boosting to 19spi at 4000rpm and then going into limp mode.
  13. I had 287rwkw stock and put the full 4inch nizpro exhaust on, growler and big mouth CAI and had to port the turbo ended up with 348rwkw running 14psi and yes its awesome I can't believe the power these engines make so easily
  14. Thanks guys yeah got the tune decided to leave the torque cut out in as I didn't use a flash tuner and didn't have the option of getting a tune with and without.
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