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  1. Happy Birthday Jimbob!

  2. Hi everyone Im just chasing a little bit of advice. The rear power windows in my 04 XRT are not working. I have checked the fuse and relay and they are both fine, replaced booth just as a precaution anyway. I can opperate the windows from the front drivers control but not via the rear controls. I have illuminated switches but the rear ones are not currantly lit up so im wondering if maybe there could be a loose connection some place? If anyone can give me a heads up on where I should look or any other thoughts on what my cause the problem. On a side note the auto down on the drivers window is not working as well, could that be related? Thanks in advance.
  3. Happy Birthday Jimbob!

  4. Happy Birthday Jimbob!

  5. Happy Birthday Jimbob!

  6. It was the led light, I put a normal globe in and it worked rightaway thanks for the tips simmo!
  7. Hi everyone Recently I purchased a flip key for my BA, I have managed to get it cut and program the remote but when I follow the instructions that came with the remote to program the key to the car nothing happens. I have 2 keys plus the flip key. When I do what the instructions say the door locks do not cycle, Im not sure if im doing something wrong but no matter what I have tried it does not seem to go in to the learning mode that it is meant to. Sit is the drivers seat with doors closed Put the first coded key into the ignition & turn to the ACC position. Turn this key to the OFF position & remove the key. Within 5 seconds put the 2nd coded key into the ignition & turn this key to the ON position. Turn this key back to the OFF position and remove the key. The door locks will then cycle to indicate that the learning mode is active. Within 5 seconds put the new 3rd or new key into the ignition & turn to the ON position. The door locks will cycle 3 times to indicate the 3rd key has been trained , ensure you wait for the locks to finish cycling before turning the key to the OFF position. Repeat this step for any following keys , The 4th key trained will cycle the locks 4 times, and so on. you can train up to a maximum of 8 keys. I followed this and if I try and start the car with the key it cranks over then stalls, but if I start it with my other key let it run for 15 seconds then swap and try and start it with the flip key it starts, so im rather confused about what the problem is. Does anyone have suggestions about what I could try or will I need to take it to ford to get programmed? Thanks
  8. Would Offset +30 18*9.5 5H*114.3 fit front and back on BA or will I need to get the guards rolled?
  9. I have tried having a bit of a look for the info I need but I don't really understand it to be honest. The offsets confuse me =\ Will FG 19's fit on my BA? If so will I need to get the guards rolled to make them fit? Thanks in advance.
  10. It was a rental truck so the guys excess is huge no damage to the truck he wants to give me the cash I just need to show him some quotes.
  11. Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has some recommendations for body shop in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As today a careless truck driver decided it was a great idea to run his truck down the front RH side quarter panel on my car :(
  12. Hypergear charged me 1150 for the rebuild and its really like a dream now its all back together.
  13. Now that I think about it you may have hit the nail on the head with the battery I looked up when I bought and its almost 3 years old mix that with the fact the car has not been run for 3 weeks we may have a winner. either way I think I should get a new battery so im going to give that a shot and if that does not work ill recheck everything I have done for the second time and if its still not working ill come back on hear and :cry: about it
  14. I could see the throttle body opening and closing and that was where the sound was coming from. I guess it could be the battery may be worth trying I guess. the battery is a few years old. Its worth saying that while the turbo was off I changed the spark plugs could that have anything to do with it. I have done them a few times and did everything the same way and have not had any problems with them before.
  15. So I got it all back together and now the car is not starting the engine is not kicking over all I can hear is the throttle body opening and closing really quickly, anyone got any thoughts on what I should check?
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