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RPM increasing without throttle input

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Hey guys, gonna describe this issue as best as I can.


I've got a Barra 240t BTR auto in BA XT.


Car is sometimes giving itself throttle without any throttle input. I know these cars have drive by wire throttle, could it be an issue with this? For example if I'm cruising along in drive the car starts speeding up by itself, if I put it into neutral the revs start climbing up and then generally fall back to normal idle after a few seconds.


I know the auto trans has some issues and I am waiting for some cash to give it a full rebuild, wondering whether something in the auto trans is doing this? 


 Cheers in advance.

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maybe a intake manifold gasket leak or some sort of vacuum leak.


trans could always be slipping though causing the revs to spike, dunno what would cause that to happen in neutral though.

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The car does it intermittently, only 1% of the time so I don't think it's a vacuum leak.


Is there a possibility that the drive by wire system is faulty or that there is something Erin with the ecu? I'm 99% sure that it's an electronic issue not mechanical.

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