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  1. Hey guys, I’ve got a BA XT with a Barra 240T in it and I’m looking at putting some more power through it soon, wanting to know what sort of power the XT M78 diff/cradle/shafts can handle with out smashing it to pieces. I’m also planning to put a TrueTrac in it because obviously it’s currently an open wheeler (gayyy). I don’t really wanna go down the road of doing an M86 cradle swap unless I absolutely have to but I’m aware they are much stronger than the 78 series.
  2. And if it was slipping with 230kw it wokud have just got worse with more power.
  3. The transmission was I <3 Bananased anyway, needed a full build as water has previously gone through it. Was slipping from 3rd to 4th under full throttle.
  4. Hey guys, has anyone had any experience with Plazmaman valve springs? Looking at putting them into my car and go for 300+ on a BA motor. Just wanting to know what people’s opinons are on this brand. Cheers. Also, I’m in Adelaide, are there any good mechanics that could install them without trying to take my first born/arm/leg? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ended up having the transmission fully rebuilt and noise is now gone, took it in to a good transmission place and they said it was the converter bearings squealing so decided to bite the bullet and get it built and strengthened.
  6. Yep already done that, coming from the transmission as far as I can tell.
  7. Sorry forgot to list mods, PWR front mount, 650cc Siemens injectors, 4 inch dump into 3.5 inch with high flow cat, Walbro 255. And obviously the transmission work mentioned in my first post.
  8. BA Barra 240T BTR auto. Yep it only started after I washed it which I found strange but I’m sure it was coincidental lol. Nope definitely not coming through the sound system lol. It’s mechanical.
  9. Hey guys, started my car up yesterday after giving it a wash and it’s making a whining noise in all 4 gears under any sort of load. Also makes the noise in reverse. Does not make the whining noise when it’s in either park or neutral free revving so I’m assuming it’s trans related. It will even do it when I put my foot on the brake and stall it up a bit. The whining sound coincides with the RPM of the engine as in it gets higher pitched with higher RPM. The transmission has had an oil flush about 6 months ago along with a billet servo and new shift solenoid done at
  10. The car does it intermittently, only 1% of the time so I don't think it's a vacuum leak. Is there a possibility that the drive by wire system is faulty or that there is something Erin with the ecu? I'm 99% sure that it's an electronic issue not mechanical.
  11. Thanks mate, appreciate the info. So it's pretty much a bolt in job but I'll have to get a prop shaft from the M86 setup to line up with the new diff? If I am doing the whole diff in the cradle with the driveshafts, hubs, rotors, calipers etc, I'm assuming it shouldn't matter about the CV flange because it's all M86 stuff.
  12. Hey guys, gonna describe this issue as best as I can. I've got a Barra 240t BTR auto in BA XT. Car is sometimes giving itself throttle without any throttle input. I know these cars have drive by wire throttle, could it be an issue with this? For example if I'm cruising along in drive the car starts speeding up by itself, if I put it into neutral the revs start climbing up and then generally fall back to normal idle after a few seconds. I know the auto trans has some issues and I am waiting for some cash to give it a full rebuild, wondering whether something
  13. Hey guys, looking at putting a complete M86 cradle into my BA XT auto sedan preferably with a 3.73 ratio. How much work is involved and which models of falcon cradles will bolt in? I've got my eyes on a BF 3.73 at the moment from a 6 speed manual, will this be an easy enough installation? Also, the one I'm looking at seems to have vented rear rotors, I thought the BA/BF all had solid rear disks. Any ideas on that? Cheers guys.
  14. The car is running normally again now, the only other thing I touched when I was working on the car was the plug for the throttle body motor. I unplugged it, cleaned it out and plugged it back in and seems to have sorted it. At least temporarily anyway. I did a small amount of degreasing aswell so maybe some degreaser got into something and dried out. Cheers guys.
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